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New Horizon Forbidden West content teased by actor Lance Reddick

Time for a Rost-ing?

Lance Reddick, the man behind Horizon's Sylens, has teased upcoming content for Forbidden West.

In a now-deleted tweet, the actor shared a short video of himself "hard at work" doing "face capture".

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Reddick captioned this tweet: "... in a session for [Horizon Forbidden West]".

While the original tweet is no longer available, those on Reddit and Steamable captured the media for posterity, as you can see below.

Image via Reddit.

This clip from Reddick is the latest tease from the Forbidden West crew.

In addition to Reddick's tweet, earlier this year Peggy Vrijens, who performed all of protagonist Aloy's more action-heavy scenes for the game, shared a video of herself back in her mo-cap suit once more.

While she never confirmed which game she was working on at this time, plenty speculated that she was reprising her role as Aloy.

And, despite nothing being officially announced by either Sony or developer Guerilla, new content for Forbidden West would not exactly be surprising. After all, its predecessor Zero Dawn saw its Frozen Wilds DLC released in December 2017, following the base game's arrival that February.

Elsewhere in Horizon news, a recent report has claimed that Zero Dawn is currently being remastered for the PlayStation 5. In addition to this, a new online Horizon multiplayer game is allegedly in the works at PlayStation.

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