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Netflix's Resident Evil series will star the Wesker kids

Stranger things.

Netflix has released new details of its upcoming live-action Resident Evil TV series, which will star a set of familiarly-named children.

"When the Wesker kids move to New Raccoon City, the secrets they uncover might just be the end of everything," Netflix's description of the series states. "Resident Evil, a new live action series based on Capcom's legendary survival horror franchise, is coming to Netflix."

We've been hearing about Netflix's plans for a Resident Evil TV show for 18 months now - though this concept sounds different to the one which was previously floated. In February, word of a series set in a location named Clearfield was published and then pulled by Netflix. Its description suggested it would involve Umbrella Organisation and its links to a decommissioned asylum, as well as to politicians in Washington DC.

This latest concept starring "the Wesker kids" sounds more like Stranger Things - and it'll be interesting to see how much (if at all) it adheres to the video game series' lore.

Albert Wesker featured in various early instalments of the Resident Evil series, while Resident Evil 6 featured Jake Muller, his moody son. But the Wesker name was given to numerous children experimented on as part of an eugenics programme. Perhaps the TV series will introduce more of them?

The show's first episode is named "Welcome to New Raccoon City" and is written by Supernatural scribe Andrew Dabb. It's directed by Bronwen Hughes, who has previously helmed episodes of The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul.

The series is being produced by Netflix and Constantin Film, which handled the Resident Evil movie series and the Monster Hunter film. There's no word yet on casting or a release date.

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