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Today's Fortnite patch brings Naruto, mechs and shopping carts

Last update of the season, and potentially Chapter.

Today's bumper Fortnite update 18.40 has arrived and the game's hugely-anticipated Naruto crossover is now in full swing - with the promise of Fortnite's dreaded Brute mechs returning on the horizon.

This update is the last for Fortnite this season - that we can say for sure. But it may also be the last for Fortnite this Chapter - for the game's whole Island map.

The latest patch notes go out of their way to reference the game's Chapter 1 Season X trailer - the last before the old map got sucked into a black hole. And the return of Season X's Brutes is joined by the unvaulting of Fortnite's OG vehicle, the shopping cart, for a spin around the game's second map before it too is replaced.

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On the Island, The Cube Queen's domain is growing into a pyramid - which fits with earlier leaks on what may happen next. Behind the scenes, the game looks prepped for a period of downtime following the end of this season.

Elsewhere in Fortnite land, the game's original Save the World mode now offers battle pass XP, ahead of its folding into the game's main battle royale menus. Fan-made Creative maps will also be allowed to grant XP for the first time, as Epic Games continues to promote the importance of its user-created content.

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