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Naruto is coming to Fortnite

Believe it!

After months of rumours, the world of Naruto has now been officially confirmed as coming to Fortnite.

The enormously-popular anime has long been top of fans' wishlists for characters to include in Epic's battle royale. Earlier this year, rumours persisted that Epic was attempting to negotiate the rights - and that at one point Mr. Naruto himself was part of a seasonal battle pass.

Fortnite officially announced its Naruto crossover last night via Twitter, and confirmed it would begin next week on Tuesday, 16th November. (That's the day of the game's next patch - v18.40.)

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Officially, we know nothing more. Unofficially however, dataminers have recently found references to a kunai weapon and Naruto boss character which will roam the Fortnite map, plus a Naruto-themed hub for the game's Creative mode.

And, of course, Fortnite's item shop will be filled with Naruto cosmetics. Leaks suggest Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi and Sasuke will be making an appearance, alongside other gubbins.

Next week's v18.40 patch is expected to be the last of this Cube-filled season - and potentially the last of this entire Fortnite Chapter. Whatever comes next for Fortnite will arrive in early December, with the launch of its next season on/after 5th December.