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Monster Hunter Rise's Mega Man crossover arrives next week

Turn your Palamute into Rush.

Monster Hunter Rise's schedule of Capcom-themed crossovers continues next Friday, 24th September, with the arrival of long-serving Mega Man character, Rush.

Capcom's Mega Man crossover - the fourth post-launch collaboration update to release for Monster Hunter Rise since its launch back in March - follows cameos for the likes of Okami's Amaterasu and Street Fighter 5's Akuma.

This time, though, players will be able to unlock a brand-new piece of layered armour turning their trusty Palamute companion into the Mega Man series' robo-canine Rush, even replacing the standard Palamute dash animation with the Rush Jet ability.

Monster Hunter Rise - Mega Man Collab Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Once next week's Mega Man crossover is released, only one collaboration update will remain for Monster Hunter Rise, according to Capcom's development roadmap. It's currently unclear if post-launch support will continue beyond that update, which is due this "autumn".

In related news, Capcom recently announced it'll be streaming its annual Monster Hunter live orchestra concert online this year. Tickets for the live event, which takes place on 28th September, as well as its post-performance video-on-demand recording, cost around £20.

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