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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak release time estimate, patch notes

A new expansion dawns.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is a significant expansion to 2021's Rise - introducing a new base, monsters, story and ranking system.

Like Iceborne with World, this offers plenty for seasoned players to get stuck into. While you wait, you can explore new weapon changes coming to the Monster Hunter Rise.

This page will cover the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak release times on PC and Steam in your region, as well as as the download size so you know what to expect beforehand.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak launch trailer

When does Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak release? Monster Hunter Rise release time in UK / BST, CEST, EDT and PDT explained

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak release date is Thursday, 30th June, releasing both on Switch and PC via Steam.

The Monster Hunter Rise release times are as follows for all regions on Steam:

  • UK: 5am (BST)
  • Europe: 6am (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 12.01am (EDT)
  • West Coast US: 9pm (Wednesday, 29th) (PDT)

As for Switch, we only have an estimate. It'll likely follow the same times above, or be available at midnight in your local region. The good news is on Switch the patch is already available - allowing you to play when it does unlock.

Learn how to start Sunbreak - the first expansion - and from there, how to unlock Master Rank, use Switch Skill swap, and progress onward with our Monster Hunter Sunbreak walkthrough. There's also a monsters list, as well as individual pages on beating Garangolm, Lunagaron and Shogun Ceanataur. For the base game, we have a number of Monster Hunter Rise tips and lists of ore locations, bone locations, weapon types, how to use Insect Glaives and Kinsects, details of how to join friends in multiplayer, how to capture monsters and learn about wirebugs and great wirebugs.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak patch notes

Update 10.0.2 is available now on Switch, and the expansion's launch (June 30th) on Steam, and features the following (copied verbatium from the official Monster Hunter website):

New Story Elements

  • New story content (after unlocking hunter rank cap).
  • Master rank, a new difficulty above high rank.
  • New base, monsters, locales, and endemic life.
  • New weapon trees, armor, layered armor, decorations, and skills.

New System Elements

  • New character creation elements.
  • Switch Skill Swap loadouts.
  • New Smithy features, such as Rampage Decorations.
  • New features added to the Lottery and Melding Pot at the Market.
  • New Dango Skills and Canteen features.
  • New Buddy Plaza features.
    • More space in your item box and equipment box.
    • Talisman lock feature added to your equipment box.
  • New Guild Card pages, awards, and titles.
    • New options.
    • New features for the camera (photoshoots).

Moves and Player Mechanics

All weapons
  • Switch Skill Swap and Swap Evade added for all weapon types.
  • New switch skills, combos, and more added for all weapon types.
    • New option to perform wall-running without using a Wiredash first.
  • New training area features.
    • New attacks added for each weapon type that combo from landing after a jump or a fall.
    • Recovery items with drinking animations (like Potions) no longer trigger the animation when you're at full health, and they can now also be canceled.
    • Fixed an issue where the camera would slide slightly when adjusting your aim as a Gunner.
    • Ammo is now loaded by default when you leave your tent equipped with a gunlance, light bowgun, or heavy bowgun.
    • Bowgun ammo power has been adjusted.
    • Various weapon actions have been adjusted.
    • (For more details on weapon-specific changes, please see the section "Bug Fixes and Game Balance Changes.")
  • Steadiness Level 3 has been added.
  • The affinity gained from Critical Draw has been increased.
  • Stamina use has been decreased for guarding.
Status Ailments
  • New status ailments have been added.
  • Hellfire explosions from hellfireblight will no longer hit other players or Buddies.
Character Creation
  • New hairstyles, makeup, face paint, facial hair, and eyebrow options have been added.
  • New weapons, armor, and layered armor have been added.
  • New Palamute Gear has been added.
  • New Palamute commands and a Palamute Pouch have been added.
  • New Palico support moves have been added.
  • New Buddy Skills have been added.
  • Skill Memory increases have been added.
    • The amount of time it takes to mount your Palamute by holding the button has been decreased.
    • New methods of communicating with your Buddies have been added.
    • New pattern, eye, ear, and tail options have been added.
  • Followers have been added. Followers are special NPCs who will accompany you on certain types of quests.
  • Follower Quests and Support Surveys have been added.

Other Mechanic-related Changes

  • Master rank quests added. Master rank quests are higher in difficulty than high rank.
  • Hunting Skills have been added to the types of completion conditions for optional subquests.
  • New monsters have been added.
  • New turf wars have been added.
  • The damage you receive from some monster attacks while in midair has been reduced.
  • Reduced the amount of time a monster remains stunned after it has been stunned a certain number of times.
  • Barroth: The hitbox on its body has been adjusted.
  • Rakna-Kadaki: Hide toughness against ammo has been reduced in master rank.
  • Chameleos: Adjusted the visual thickness of the fog that Chameleos produces.
  • Small monsters: Adjusted the distance at which small monsters will appear on screen.
  • Small monsters: Some small monsters are now easier to stagger.
Wyvern Riding
  • Added Morphed Wirebugs, which adds two new Wyvern Riding effects.
  • Dropped materials now have detection priority when they overlap with Wyvern Riding button prompts.
  • Material carving now has adjusted detection priorities when carving overlaps with Wyvern Riding triggers, with appropriate adjustments for both when it happens during a quest and when it happens after a quest has been completed.
  • Basarios: Wyvern Riding attacks initiated by certain directional inputs have been adjusted.
  • Barioth: The forward Wyvern Riding strong attack has been made easier to land.
  • Rakna-Kadaki: Players now exit Wyvern Riding more quickly after using Rakna-Kadaki's Mounted Punisher.
Endemic Life
  • Antidobra's effect will no longer nullify the attack power increase from Mizutsune's red bubbles.

Base and Facilities

  • Some parts of the quest counter menu layout have been updated.
    • The icon that appears for completed NPC requests at the quest counter has been updated.
    • The game now remembers the cursor's position in the quest counter menu until you quit the game.
    • Players that have accepted solo quests will now appear on the quest board.
  • Rampage Decorations have been added and can be crafted at the Smithy.
  • Content for level 4 decoration slots has been added to the Smithy.
    • The weapon tree window at the Smithy now loops back to the opposite side when moving the cursor past the edge of the window horizontally or vertically.
    • Additional pagination features were added to the Smithy menus.
    • The cursor now sets to the head piece of the first set of armor results after completing a search in the Forge Armor screen.
    • When trying to make equipment at the Buddy Smithy and you have insufficient scraps, you can now immediately trade materials for the scraps you need.
  • New features added to the Market's lottery.
    • You can now see how many Lottery Tickets you currently have when taking part in a lottery at the Market.
  • New features added to the Market's Melding Pot.
  • New features and their related items have been added to the Melding Pot at the Market.
    • Melding-specific items now display first when selecting materials at the Melding Pot.
    • The number of amiibo you can use each day at the Market has been increased to six, from three previously.
  • New Dango Skills have been added to the Canteen.
  • A new feature called "Hopping Skewers" has been added to the Canteen.
    • You can now see how many Dango Tickets you have on the Canteen screen.
  • The Buddy Piazza has been added, which allows you to access all Buddy Plaza features.
  • New Buddy Plaza features have been added.
  • New features have been added to the Meowcenaries.
  • New features have been added to the Argosy.
  • Switch Skill settings at the item box have been expanded.
    • More space has been added to the item box, equipment box, decoration box, and layered armor box.
    • More space has been added to the Buddy equipment box and Buddy layered armor box.
    • It is now easier to switch between all types of equipment and their loadouts when managing equipment in the item box.
    • Talisman lock feature added to your equipment box.
    • The display in the equipment info window for sharpness gauge effects from the Handicraft skill has been updated.
    • The item loadout list window now shows crosses ("X") across ammo and phials that you cannot use with your currently equipped bowgun or bow.
  • New decorations have been added that can be used to decorate your home.
  • New Cohoot outfits have been added.
  • A new Cohoot nest has been added.
  • New options were added to the training area.


  • New pose sets have been added.
  • New Guild Card pages, awards, and titles have been added.
  • Added Wyvern Riding attacks to the Large Monsters list in the Hunter's Notes.
  • New album filters have been added.
  • Added an on-screen display showing you which Switch Skills you can currently use.
  • Added a feature that shows you in which direction a Great Wirebug will send you.
  • Added information to the results screen that shows the effects received from the Good Luck skill.
  • New option added: Display Switch Skill Info.
  • New option added: Skill Switch Info Display Time.
  • New option added: Player Hit Effects.
  • New option added: Other Player Hit Effects.
  • New option added: Link Item/Radial Menu Loadout.
  • New option added: Transition to Wall Running.
  • New option added: Buttons for Wyvern Riding.
  • New option added: Start Menu Cursor Position.
  • New option added: Follower Voice Volume.
  • New option added: Follower Voice Frequency.
  • New features have been added to the camera (photoshoots), including the ability to make characters face the camera and to make Buddies face specific directions, poses/gestures for Buddies, and toggling the UI on and off.
Chat Menu
  • Certain chat features have been made more convenient to use.
  • New shoutouts have been added.
  • New chat stickers have been added.
  • New gestures have been added.
  • Added a feature that allows you to claim a bonus when playing multiplayer for the first time.
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