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Millions just watched Fortnite's stunning end of Halloween live event

Kevin breakin'.

Fortnite just wrapped up its Halloween event and its months-long purple cube storyline with a brilliant and baffling live event.

More than two million people were watching on YouTube and another 1.5 million on Twitch, as a unique "Butterfly Effect" moment played out for everyone in-game.

For months, the cube - nicknamed Kevin by fans - has been rumbling around Fortnite's map in real-time causing trouble, ripping up part of Loot Lake and transporting it in a vortex around the map, and sparking the Halloween monsters players have been fending off over the past couple of weeks. As of tonight, however, Kevin is no more.

At 6pm UK time this evening, Kevin detonated - spinning itself into a death spiral before shattering as every Fortnite player's screen turned bright white from the explosion. A second later, every player found themselves floating in a bizarre energy vortex, every other player on their server also visible. And then a butterfly appeared - the pattern on its wings similar to that of the rift from last season which spawned Kevin in the first place.

As your character reached out to touch the butterfly, everyone was suddenly returned to a changed Fortnite map. In place of the new Leaky Lake's floating islands, the area now has an idyllic Stone Henge-inspired set of islands with calming music and rainbows. The influence of Kevin the Cube has been banished... for now.

Emma and I look on as Kevin begins to self-destruct.
As the cube exploded, you were transported into a mysterious vortex, met the rift butterfly, then transported back to an overhauled Leaky Lake.

Free challenges for a new "Lil' Kev" backpack are now live, as a nice nod to our fallen former friend.