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Let's dissect Nintendo's final Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer


Nintendo has released its final trailer for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and boy was there a lot to unpack in there. So, here I am, unpacking it all for you all.

Before we dive on into it, here is that trailer again:

Nintendo's final trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.Watch on YouTube

First off we see the game's sky islands, along with a Construct who is whacking away a Blue ChuChu. We then see a Construct chopping at a tree, in a rather calming way.

This makes me think the sky islands of Hyrule were once 'peaceful' and something has happened that has left them to be invaded by the land-beings of Hyrule. We've seen Link sparring with a Construct in a previous trailer, and the land is also now filled with other pests from Ganon's army of minions.

We then see Link plummeting past the islands, deploying his glider and landing back on Hyrule. There are familiar locales from Breath of the Wild here, such as Hateno Village. A camp has been set up in the fountain area outside Hyrule Town, perhaps so workers can reside in situ and fix up the damage that has been done, similar to the carpenters in Ocarina of Time.

Our next shot sees Link climbing the cliffside above Hylian settlements. In the background there is a large, rather strange, circular rock formation, which at first glance made me think of the Mirror of Twilight.

Given my suspicion we will see more of the Zonai - because of the symbols shown on the sky islands and the fact the Construct in an earlier trailer dropped a "Zonai Charge" - I wonder if this perhaps lends more gravitas to the theory the Zonai are tied somehow to the Twili from Twilight Princess. That being said, this ring formation is a lot bigger than the Mirror of Twilight, unless it is merely a stone surround for the mirror itself. There is a hole in the middle of it, after all...

This strange cloud formation, seen in Tears of the Kingdom artwork, is reminiscent of Thunderhead in Skyward Sword. Perhaps there's a similar puzzle or hidden location situation happening there, as there was in that game.

We cut to the desert now, and a building rising up from the ground. The Zonai-like swirls can be seen on its ramparts. Dungeons?

Next, it's Hyrule castle's turn to rise up, something we have seen in previous trailers. Meanwhile, pieces of the sky islands are steadily falling to the ground. Perhaps the islands are being disrupted by the waves of energy lifting Hyrule up, and this is why they are falling apart?

Then we see the back of Ganon, fiery locks and all. He stands in front of what looks like a massive blood moon, energised by what is happening.

Another shot of Zelda falling into the cavernous gaps beneath Hyrule, and Link reaching to save her. His hand already looks to be corrupted here, and I feel this scene will happen in the game's opening moments.

More sandy sinkholes, as (I presume) Link runs to find more stable ground. Are more Zonai buildings perhaps inbound? You can also see other luminous inking on the cliffs in the background, similar to markings seen in previous trailers and elsewhere in this one.

Also, is that a shrine of sorts on the far right?

Here's Link in the Death Mountain region of the game. He's in his Flamebreaker armour once again, at least, so it seems likely other Breath of the Wild outfits will make a return in the sequel. Poor Link is running a lot, it all feels very frantic.

What in the name of Peter Pan is this? A sky ship! Given the snow falling here, I am guessing this is in the Hebra region of the game (also because Link looks to be wearing the Snowquill set).

Other possibilities for this area include it being set just off the Great Plateau, given the stone wall Link is standing on, or even inside the Thunderhead-like cloud mentioned earlier, as a storm is also swirling around Link.

Link is back up in the sky (my, this game looks expansive!), jumping into a watery bubble rising from a platform with glowing elements. Within this watery bubble, a strange object appears. At first I thought it was a compass, but on closer inspection it looks more like something's eyeball. Definitely a puzzle device though, I'd say.

Now Link is making like a Far Cry hero and using a wingsuit to dive through lots of lasers. There's no obvious clue where this location is.

More of those strange eyeball-like things in a bubble here, and what looks to be Link solving the next bit of a puzzle. He is turning a large cog as the room around him rotates. This seems to be somewhere in the sky, as we can see another sky island floating through the open window section of this room.

Labyrinths return! Although, is this one on its side, or am I imagining things?

Now we are back with Link's feet on the ground. Well, he is on a horse, and fighting off bokoblins and moblins with their new look horns. A group of Hylians are also doing what they can to defend their land, and given their attire they look more like farmers than soldiers. Is that horse Epona?

Link can be seen rising up on a blue Sheikah platform, something very akin to the travel points seen on Breath of the Wild's towers and the like. The same, twisted and reversed theme music is playing here. Is this a time travel moment?

Now, who is this? I would love to read your ideas. In short, they do not look like they should be trifled with. There is an element to their styling that looks like the ethereal figure from the mural in one of Tears of the Kingdom's earlier trailers, but they certainly look more corrupt. Sparks of malice can be seen dancing behind them.

Another area, perhaps a dungeon, showing a Construct-like figure on a large wall feature. A mech? I would say this is a puzzle that needs to be solved to open a door so Link can reach a new area. It reminds me of a super-scaled version of a robot like those found in Skyward Sword's Lanayru Desert.

It looks like we will see Hyrule Castle in all its splendour. This shot is almost certainly within its walls, and without all the nastiness that came with Calamity Ganon in Breath of the Wild.

Now we seem to be getting more into story territory. A male voice I do not recognise speaks directly to Zelda, who stands in front of a platform with two moving dials either side.

These acorn-like adornments have also been seen in earlier trailers on the sky islands, so it seems likely that this place has been made by the same tribe or race as the sky islands themselves. Zelda is also in her white dress, rather than her adventurer gear from in the underground caverns.

The male voice tells Zelda that "we" - presumably all of Hyrule - is relying on Link. He is the "last line of defence". We then see Link taking the Master Sword up from, I assume, its pedestal in Korok Forest. You can see Koroks, albeit out of focus, in the background of this shot. So, another time jump? Or, a flashback?

The figure approaching Zelda here is likely whom the voice belongs to. The way he is dressed makes me think of an owl, and I am imagining his face to be like Rauru's from Ocarina of Time.

This figure puts a hand on Zelda's shoulder - a hand like the one holding Ganon in place under Hyrule Castle from the game's announcement trailer. However, Zelda looks up at this person and says Link's name. Is she acknowledging she needs to find Link? Or is this character a Link from another time?

Another shot of Link on his bird glider (where did the Loftwings go, I wonder?). There are a lot of sky islands out there!

Link has used his new fusing ability to craft a sword and shield for this Construct battle. Given the size of the sword (which requires two hands to wield), it is nice he still has the option to block thanks to Tears of the Kingdom's fusing mechanic.

Link glides over a floating orb with a circular hole in it. I reckon this is the outside of the room I mentioned earlier, where Link was solving a puzzle with the eye-ball like items. Perhaps there will be more than one of these floating orb puzzle rooms?

Link and a Rito! I don't immediately recognise this chap, but they seem young. At least, younger than Breath of the Wild's Teba, but older than Kass's younglings.

Link is being a taxi. He has hitched his steed up to a wagon and is transporting some Hylians somewhere. That's kind of him. Maybe this is part of a side quest?

Another look at Link's new skills in use. He uses what I would say is his Recall ability to get the better of a Rock Octorok.

Speaking of rocks, Tears of the Kingdom has only gone and added rockets to Hyrule. Link can be seen launching himself upwards on one attached to a shield. The colour of its jet makes me wonder if this is what Zonai Charge (dropped by a Construct in a previous trailer) is used for?

Some sky platform jumping. Has something happened to gravity here? Link seems to be moonjumping, but I can't see any Pegasus boot-like equipment.

Hmm, so perhaps the Constructs aren't only in the sky. Here Link battles one on a minecart in what I would guess is somewhere around Death Mountain, given the lava and his Flamebreaker gear. In an underground cavern?

I love this next image. Here's Link, riding into battle on what can only be a machine of his own creation (using Ultrahand, I guess): a massive cinder block on wheels with an arm attachment. He comes face-to-face with a camp of Bokoblins riding atop a Stone Talus.

Horseback archery, with some nice armour for the horse and some powerful looking arrows. They have an Ocarina of Time-ness to them, with a more geometrical shape.

Link can use his arrows to activate some kind of laser system in Bokoblin camps.

Link and a Rito can be seen taking on an icy monster here. I am not sure if it is a dragon or not - it has too many eyes, but it does fly, so maybe... Whatever it is, I can imagine it packs a fair punch when engaged in combat. Is it coming through a portal?

Back to Zelda. She "knows why [she] is here". Apparently it's something only she can do. So, where is she? Certainly not underground. She is also holding a tear shaped object in her hand. Again, this reminds me of items seen in Skyward Sword.

Is this a tear of the kingdom? Also, acorn-like earrings, clearly a motif of Tears of the Kingdom's new tribe.

Ganon! This shot seems to be the cavern where we saw his corpse in the game's announcement trailer. His evil energy bursts out from his body, crashes into the ceiling, and we see his various minions being imbued with the dark power. Also, the Lynels seem even beefier than before. Gulp!

This same evil energy seems to be making its way up Link's arm now. I do wonder if Ganon/Ganondorf tries to possess Link in Tears of the Kingdom, and this is the start of that. "Do not look away, you witness a King's revival," he says.

Here is the front of Ganondorf.

Some kind of gooey sky crocodile enemy.

Link soars through the air with his young Rito pal, who seems very plucky and enthusiastic. I wonder how long Link's companions will stay with him?

Who is this? A Zonai Zelda? Hylia? A Zelda from before the events of Breath of the Wild? She has Zelda's tear, or at least one like it, on a necklace. Also, she has the teardrop makeup like Zelda has (although, Zelda only has a single tear on each cheek, and this lady has four). Maybe this is the Zelda that sealed away Calamity Ganon. Argh, I have so many questions.

The aura from her hand is similar to the one we saw coming from Zelda in Breath of the Wild, so she definitely has a connection to the goddess. She also has the same earrings as Zelda wears in this trailer, so she must be part of the tribe Zelda is with.

A massive laser beam, now, kind of like Gustav Graves using the sun's energy to destroy a minefield in Die Another Day (not the greatest James Bond entry, but there we go).

Who is controlling this? Link, as it is clearing the desert of enemies (also, are they baby Molduga?)? Also, where is this beam coming from? A Divine Beast with a new look 'laser' system? But it's coming from the sky. So many questions.

Riju, Yunobo (I think), and Sidon are back. I don't think this is Teba as they look too young, so I guess this is the same Rito from earlier in the trailer. Maybe Teba's child?

Look at that Gleeok! Welcome back, my, erm, friend...

I wonder if there will be differnt varients of the Gleeoks across Hyrule. So, a fire one, and an ice one etc.

Zelda with the Master Sword, telling Link he is our "final hope". She needs Link to find her. Where is she? A different time as well as place?

And on final hope, that was my final picture. Actually, before I leave, one final detail - the piano plays Zelda's lullaby at the end, which is nice.

Oh my days I am so excited for this game!

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