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How to save everyone in The Quarry and get the best ending

All the correct decisions to save every main character in The Quarry.

The Quarry is all about making decisions, as any one of them can result in the untimely death of a character, which is why it's a good idea to know the correct decisions needed to save everyone.

While there are many different endings you can get for the nine main characters in The Quarry, getting the best ending where everyone lives will let you see the most story in your playthrough, while also unlocking the 'Rough Night' Trophy.

We'll try to keep as many spoilers out of the article as possisble, but there are going to be some unavoidable story spoilers ahead to ensure you know exactly how to get the best ending in The Quarry.

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How to save everyone:

The Quarry how to save everyone explained

It's important to note that even if you make all of the correct dialogue choices, and follow the safest paths, you can still die from a mistimed QTE (Quick time event). If you turn on 'Simple QTE's' from the options menu, this won't be a problem - however, succeeding every QTE closes some available paths, and can lead to the death of some secondary characters.

You only need Laura, Jacob, Abigail, Dylan, Ryan, Emma, Nick, Kaitlyn, and Max to survive in order to get the 'Rough Night' Trophy, but if you want to ensure nobody dies in The Quarry except for a few unavoidable deaths, you're going to have to do the QTE's yourself.

Choose carefully.

You can choose different options than the ones highlighted below and still have everybody survive the night, as there are a lot of different decisions that only add slight variations to the story. We'll highlight any major decisions you absolutely must pick to ensure a main character survives, but if you want to guarantee nobody dies, be sure to pick every path mentioned below.

How to save everyone in The Quarry Prologue decisions

It's not necessary to get on the sheriff's good side straight away, but it's recommended to pick the honest and friendly options right from the start to help with saving Laura's life later.

Be honest and friendly to get on the sheriff's good side from the start.


  • While speaking with the sheriff, pick the 'honest', 'friendly', and 'compliant' options
  • Help Max when he gets hurt in the storm cellar

How to save everyone in The Quarry Chapter 1 decisions

It actually doesn't matter whether Jacob breaks the fuel line or takes the rotor arm, but breaking the fuel line means you'll have less work to do as Jacob in later chapters. However, it is important to break into the cabin and take the stuffed toy as Abigail, as this can save Kaitlyn's life near the end of the game if you miss getting a key item later.

Make sure to break in to the cabin as Abigail to help save Kaitlyn later.


  • Pick up Emma's bracelet by the wooden fence
  • Break the fuel line of the minivan


  • Break into the cabin with Emma
  • Pick up the teddy on the right-hand side of the cabin and choose to keep it
  • Choose the scenic route while in the cart with Emma


  • Nudge Nick
  • Choose the 'friendly', 'supportive', and 'understanding' dialogue options while talking with the group


  • When back with the group, pick the 'compliant', 'insistent', 'supportive' and 'reluctant' dialogue options

How to save everyone in The Quarry Chapter 2 decisions

There aren't a whole lot of significant choices in the second chapter, but it's important to take the fireworks, as Emma will need them later.

Take the fireworks if you don't want Emma to get infected later.


  • Grab the shotgun in the general store
  • Take the fireworks or Emma can get infected later


  • Don't go down the hatch
  • Interact with the shotgun


  • Go down the Rocky Road if you want to get a Tarot Card


  • Pick 'dare' as Ryan if you want him to kiss either Dylan or Kaitlyn

How to save everyone in The Quarry Chapter 3 decisions

This is where the horror really starts. Abigail can get infected if the creature bites her. However, this has no significant consequences, as she never shows symptoms. It's important to not fail any QTE's as Ryan and to not throw dirt when controlling Jacob at the end of the chapter, as these decisions can save their lives in later chapters.

Make sure you get to Nick in time to see the hunter.


  • When the creature attacks, help Nick, then run, and successfully hold your breath until the creature leaves


  • You can take the shortcut or the main path, but don't fail any QTE's, as you need to arrive in time to see the hunter with Nick and pick up a key item that can save Ryan's life later.


  • After Jacob gets trapped don't throw the dirt

How to save everyone in The Quarry Chapter 4 decisions

The first person that can die is Jacob while you're controlling Ryan, so don't shoot into the bushes either time when the group hears a noise. Emma can also die if you don't search the bags before opening the trap door, or choose to reel the zipline quickly later and fail the QTEs.

Don't shoot into the bushes or you'll kill Jacob.


  • Don't shoot either time when you hear a noise in the woods, this will result in Jacob dying


  • In the treehouse, make sure you search the bags before opening the trap door or Emma will die
  • Don't fail any QTE's or Emma can get infected
  • Taser the creature
  • Run to the trapdoor when the option comes up


  • Give the gun to Kaitlyn


  • Make sure to reel the zipline slowly and don't speed up, as this can result in Emma dying

How to save everyone in The Quarry Chapter 5 decisions

Nobody can die in Chapter 5 if you've made all the correct decisions to save everyone in The Quarry so far, but Dylan can get infected if you don't cut off his arm, which can lead to Kaitlyn getting infected later.

Ryan will have to take off Dylan's arm if you want to stop the infection.


  • Don't fail the QTEs
  • Successfully hold breath


  • Hide
  • Successfully hold breath


  • At the radio cabin, don't shoot at the roof when you hear the creature
  • Use the chainsaw on Dylan's arm or he will get infected

How to save everyone in The Quarry Chapter 6 decisions

Make sure to pry the trap open as Jacob, or he can die. Abigail will also die in one of the most gruesome ways if you don't shoot Nick at the poolhouse. This won't kill Nick, so don't worry about this affecting the best ending. Emma should pick up the leftover fireworks at the camp if you want to lessen the chances of getting infected later.

Shoot Nick or Abigail will be in even worse condition.


  • Don't fail any QTE's
  • Hide and successfully hold breath
  • Pry open or Jacob can die from falling over


  • Intervene when Nick gets too close to Abigail
  • Help Nick out of the water


  • Choose any dialogue options you want, but make sure you shoot Nick after he throws her across the room, or Abigail will die


  • Don't run
  • Pick up the leftover fireworks from the camp or Emma can get infected later

How to save everyone in The Quarry Chapter 7 decisions

You'll only play as Laura in Chapter 7 and your goal should be to continue building a good relationship with the sheriff. It's important not to take his gun when the prompt shows up, and knock him out with a syringe so you don't hurt him. All of this will contribute to saving both Laura and the sheriff's lives later.

Don't take the sheriff's gun to continue building his trust.


  • When speaking with the sheriff, be 'compliant', 'intrigued', 'pleading', and don't lash out
  • Pick up the spoon above the bed and use it on the brick under the window
  • When speaking with the sheriff again, choose all the compliant options
  • When exploring outside of the cell, pick up the syringe from an office up the stairs and hide it behind the brick in Laura's cell
  • The sheriff will come back to talk later, and you should be 'honest', 'confident', 'encouraging', and don't take his gun
  • Don't fail the QTE event when knocking out the sheriff with the syringe

How to save everyone in The Quarry Chapter 8 decisions

There are no significant choices during Laura and Kaitlyn's story during Chapter 8, but Ryan's decisions could lead to Jacob dying. Make sure you agree to get him out of his cage, and select the correct breakers, or Jacob will die later.

Pick Break 1 and 2 the first time and Breaker 2 and 3 the second time to save Jacob.


  • Stop Laura from shooting the creature or Nick will die
  • Help Jacob by choosing Breaker 1 and 2 the first time, and Breaker 2 and 3 the second time - if you don't do this Jacob will die later

How to save everyone in The Quarry Chapter 9 decisions

Constance, Jedediah, Bobby, and Ryan can all die in Chapter 9 if you make the wrong decisions. Although it doesn't matter if the Hacketts die or not to get the Trophy for everybody surviving in The Quarry, you can still find out how to save them below.

The most important decisions involve Ryan. You need to let Laura infect you, and shoot the monster when the prompt appears or Ryan will die at the end of the chapter. You should also pick up silver bullets while playing as Abigail to ensure Kaitlyn survives later.

If you've followed all the steps above, Ryan, Laura, and the sheriff will all be alive at the end of Chapter 9.


  • While struggling with Constance don't do the QTE event or Constance will die


  • Don't pull the knife
  • Check the door to the right of the bed then the door to the left of the bed
  • Hide in the cabinet and successfully hold your breath


  • Choose to run
  • Jedediah will come through a door later - don't attack him and choose 'run' if don't want him to die


  • Don't choose the stab prompt or Bobby will die later
  • You need to allow Laura to infect you or Ryan will die later


  • Pick 'warn Kaitlyn' in the crane
  • Don't fail any QTEs and choose 'sound horn' or Kaitlyn will get infected


  • Pick up the silver bullets by the fuse box or Kaitlyn could die later


  • You must shoot the monster or Ryan will die

How to save everyone in The Quarry Chapter 10 decisions

There's a lot of ways to die in Chapter 10, but if you've followed the important choices above, then it's going to be a lot easier to save everyone in The Quarry. Max has to stay on the Island, or he'll die instantly, while Kaitlyn should take the silver bullets to shoot the creature when it gets into the lodge. If you run into the kitchen instead, she can still survive if you use the teddy you picked up earlier as Abigail.

Laura and Ryan can both die at the end, but as long as Ryan has blood smeared on his face that he found earlier, he will survive. You must kill the creature at the end to save everyone and get the best ending, or else Laura and the sheriff will die, and everybody will still be infected.

You must shoot Silas the second chance you get to save everyone and get the best ending.


  • It's important to choose 'Stay' or Max will die


  • When the creature appears, choose to run every time before entering the kitchen
  • Don't fail any QTEs
  • Choose to cross the beam, not go out the window
  • Pick 'investigate' to get the silver bullets and shoot the monster to make sure Kaitlyn doesn't die, or head into the kitchen with Dylan and use the toy Abigail took at the beginning of the game as a decoy to trap the creature in the freezer


  • Don't fail the QTEs in the car
  • Don't take the sheriff's gun
  • Give the blood to Ryan
  • Hesitate the first time, but then shoot the monster or Laura and the sheriff will die

After this you'll get a short epilogue describing the fates of every character. If you've followed all the steps above to save everybody in The Quarry, you will get the best ending and the 'Rough Night' Trophy will pop.

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