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The Quarry adds Wolf Pack multiplayer in major new patch

Howl about that!?

Supermassive Games and 2K have released a new patch for The Quarry, which adds the Wolf Pack multiplayer component to the game.

"Wolf Pack is an invite-only mode where a host can invite up to seven friends with access to the game to watch along. While the host plays, their audience votes on each key decision, with the majority vote determining the outcome," publisher 2K explained.

Cover image for YouTube videoLet's Play The Quarry PS5 Part 1 - CAN YOU HACKETT? THE QUARRY PS5 GAMEPLAY
Aoife and Ian see if they can Hackett.

"With endless replayability already built into The Quarry's deep narrative experience, Wolf Pack offers a whole new take on the unimaginable choices you face during your journey, enabling you to experience the fright with friends."

The Quarry was initially meant to release with its multiplayer mode included alongside the base game. However, in order to get its staff and online server out of Ukraine, this was (understandably) delayed.

As well as the arrival of The Quarry's multiplayer, the new update will also add all six episodes of the Bizarre Yet Bonafide podcast, as favoured by counsellor Ryan, into the game.

Finally, this patch will also allow you to "send the camp counsellors looks back in time" with new 80s inspired cosmetics for the game's playable characters. Those in possession of the Deluxe Edition will be able to do this from the off, while those with the standard edition will be able to purchase this DLC separately.

In Eurogamer's review of The Quarry, Vikki wrote that it is "everything we've come to expect from Supermassive's deliciously bloody brand of horror.

"There are supernatural stalkings, life-and-death decisions to make, quick-time events, and plentiful gory deaths, and it's all wrapped up in jaw-dropping graphic fidelity that is so realistic, sometimes you'll forget it's a game."