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The Quarry's multiplayer was delayed to get staff and online server out of Ukraine

"It was obviously really dangerous."

Last month, Supermassive Games announced its multiplayer component to The Quarry was delayed and would arrive separately from the game's release. At the time, the developer said this delay was to ensure it delivers "the best possible experience" to players on its eventual launch. However, it has now been revealed that, as with other games, this delay was also due to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

"We had a bit of a weird thing with the multiplayer because... part of our team is based out in the Ukraine... So, we had to delay the multiplayer because they had to move," The Quarry creative director Will Byles told IGN.

"We had to move the server from Kyiv up into Warsaw and those guys had to get out [of] there because it was obviously really dangerous."

Nine camp counselors. One unforgettable night.

Byles went on to reveal that even with this upheaval, the multiplayer is still set to release by 8th July at the latest, as previously promised. In fact, it is already finished, but just needs "to go through testing now".

Along with its upcoming multiplayer mode, The Quarry also comes with a movie mode.

Movie mode, as you may have guessed, lets players (or viewers) watch the entirety of The Quarry's summer-camp-flavoured horror in linear, non-interactive fashion.

Meanwhile, in Eurogamer's review of The Quarry, Vikki wrote that it is "everything we've come to expect from Supermassive's deliciously bloody brand of horror

"There are supernatural stalkings, life-and-death decisions to make, quick-time events, and plentiful gory deaths, and it's all wrapped up in jaw-dropping graphic fidelity that is so realistic, sometimes you'll forget it's a game."

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