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Horizon Forbidden West Vista Point locations: Where to find every Vista Tower and Visita Points in Horizon Forbidden West

Every Vista Point location explained.

Vista Points - digital images that give players a look at life 1000 years ago - can be found throughout Horizon: Forbidden West.

These images, along with the Vista Towers, are scattered throughout the different regions from The Daunt to the Isle of Spire.

This guide will show you where to find the Vista Towers, where to find the Vista Points and the rewards you receive after finding all nine Vista Points.

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Vista Point locations:

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How Vista Points work in Horizon Forbidden West

Vista Points are image-matching puzzles that begin at a Vista Tower in Horizon: Forbidden West. These towers, when scanned, will give you an incomplete and pixelated image.

The goal is to take this image and match it to an environmental location around you. Once you find the matching location, the Vista Point image becomes clear and you can see what that area used to be like long ago.

There are nine Vista Points scattered across the Forbidden West and every one has a 1500 XP rewards. A final reward will also be unlocked once you've found all of them.

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The Daunt Vista Point location in Horizon Forbidden West

The Vista Tower in The Daunt is located between Chainscrape and Barren Light in Horizon: Forbidden West. Once you find the tower, scan it, and you will have the image you need to match.

The Vista Point location is north of the Vista Point Tower. Look for a crumbling bridge, stand on its edge, and look towards the mountains. From there, the image will click and you will see a vivid image of houses along the river.

Plainsong Vista Point location in Horizon Forbidden West

This Vista Tower is located to the west of Plainsong at the base of the mountain range in Horizon: Forbidden West. Once you find the tower, scan it, and collect the image.

You can find the Vista Point in the mountains west of the Vista Tower. From the Tower, go up the mountain and climb up the cliff. There will be two rusted platforms that overlook Plainsong.

Look for three windmills; two of them will be intact and one will be broken. The Vista Point will be on the rusted platform in between an intact windmill and the broken windmill. Watch out for the Sunwings that are there.

The Memorial Grove Vista Point location in Horizon Forbidden West

This Vista Tower is located north of The Memorial Grove on a hill overlooking the river, broken planes, and some flatlands in Horizon: Forbidden West. It stands above the road markers pointing people to The Memorial Grove and Cliffwatch by the Campfire.

The Vista Point will be up in the mountain along the river. From the Vista Tower, look east towards the large mountain range. You will see a busted radar dish if you look along the mountains.

Climb up the mountain to that dish and you will find a concrete platform overlooking the valley;. tTurn towards the radar and the Vista Point will be complete.

Scalding Spear Vista Point location in Horizon Forbidden West

This Vista Tower is located northeast of Scalding Spear in the mountains high above a Sunwing site in Horizon: Forbidden West.

The Vista Point is located west of the tower in the Sunwing site. There will be two rusted platforms overlooking Scalding Spear. Look for the one that has a broken tree trunk leading up to it, but beware of the Sunwings. You will have to fight them in order to gain access to the Vista Point.

The Stillsands Vista Point location in Horizon Forbidden West

The Vista Tower in The Stillsands is located west of Camp Nowhere and north of Hidden Ember in the mountains. There will be machines roaming the area near the Tower; you may need to fight the Burrowers, Fire Bristlebacks, and the Sunwings there.

The Vista Point can be found due north of the Tower. Go north and climb the short cliff. There will be a concrete platform with a broken rail overlooking Hidden Ember. You will find a small Oseram camp in the area along with some Burrowers.

Dunehollow Vista Point location in Horizon Forbidden West

This Vista Tower is located in the ruins below Dunehollow, in Hidden Ember. To get there, go to Dunehollow and down the elevator shaft. Once you get to the large open area, the tower will be near the large astronaut statue, above a Fatshake shop.

The Vista Point will be north of the Tower. There will be a crumbled bridge with a small lookout. Look towards the Eiffel Tower and you will capture the image there.

The Long Coast Vista Point location in Horizon Forbidden West

The Vista Tower in The Long Coast can be found in the north of Tide's Reach far north along the coast, just south of the Greenhouse in Horizon Forbidden: West.

The Vista Point will be on a small island off the coast to the west of the Tower. Go along the beach and you will see a small mountainous island. There will be machines that you might need to fight or you can sneak past them. Climb up the mountain and face the Faro building ruins to the north.

Shrouded Heights Vista Point location in Horizon Forbidden West

To find the Vista Tower in the Shrouded Heights, you will need to go to the Isle of Spires. Head to the northern part of the island in Horizon: Forbidden West. You will find the Tower in the ruins.

For the Vista Point, you will need to swim underwater. The image will be a domed building with the Golden Gate bridge behind it. From the Tower, go into the water and dive down. The domed building will be easily spotted. Swim around the ocean floor until you see a yellow handhold (for boosting you underwater). This will be the location of the Vista Point.

Isle of Spires Vista Point location in Horizon Forbidden West

The Vista Tower in the Isle of Spires of Horizon: Forbidden West will be on the southern part of the island in the ruins near a Sunwing site. It is recommended that you have a Sunwing mount.

To get this Vista Point, you will need to climb the tall structure next to the tower. If you have a Sunwing mount, you can fly up to the very top and have it perch.

From there, you will need to keep climbing. There will be a tall radio tower to the right of the perch. Climb that up to a metal platform and walk out onto the yellow beam, then look towards the city.

How to collect the final Vista Point reward in Horizon Forbidden West

Once you have completed all the Vista Points in Horizon: Forbidden West, you will receive coordinates for a reward.

The coordinates will take you to a location along the coast on the western side of the Isle of Spires. In the ruins, you'll find the reward in an Ancient Safe. Along with the reward will be an “Our Thanks” audio message from Elisabet Soebeck thanking you for taking part in the tour.

The reward you receive will be random, but it will be a combination of Silver Ingots, Bronze Ingots, Ancient Chimes, Ancient Necklaces, Ancient Metal Eyes, and Ancient Sculptures. You will also receive an additional 1500 XP.

Good luck finding all of the Vista Points in Horizon: Forbidden West!

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