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Here's the first trailer for Need for Speed Unbound

Bound to please.

After months of speculation, leaks and rumours, EA has finally revealed the next installment of the Need for Speed in a swanky new trailer.

Need for Speed Unbound is lush with an anime aesthetic that's combined with the grungy street racing vibes of early Need for Speed games.

The trailer features American rapper A$AP Rocky, who is heard narrating in the beginning of the trailer before finishing off with what appears to be a brand-new track from the rapper.

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Aside from the street racing that's become a staple of the series, the trailer also shows off drivers racing away from the police, along with a diverse set of characters.

The trailer also confirms a release date of 2nd December and its release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Last night, a leak courtesy of a listing on a Japanese store page revealed a bunch more details which you can read about here.

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