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Need for Speed 2022 name, release date, and screens leak in retailer listing

Ahead of tomorrow's reveal.

With less than 24 hours to go until the long-awaited reveal of EA and developer Criterion's latest Need for Speed game, a full name, plus a release date, and screens have leaked online.

All this comes via a listing, still live at the time of writing, on Japanese retailer Neowing's website - which, assuming its veracity (highly likely given the nature of the assets and details included), corroborates virtually all previous rumours circulating around the game in recent months.

First is the name, Need for Speed: Unbound, which tallies with a report from Insider Gaming at the end of September, as does Neowing's listed release date of 2nd December this year.

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Additionally, the box art and screenshots featured in the listing support a report back in April that the new Need for Speed would combine photo-realism with "anime elements", while the accompanying blurb says the game will take place in Lake Shore - lining up with earlier claims it would be set in a fictionalised version of Chicago, known as Lake Shore City.

That same (Google translated) blurb points to "a new toolkit full of energetic visuals and sound effects, including Burst Nitrous, a new boost element for dizzying speed", as well an emphasis on customisation including "unique wraps and cut-out items" for vehicles, plus a contemporary hiphop soundtrack featuring the likes of A$AP Rocky and AWGE.

Leaked screens and art featured in the Neowing listing.

Neowing's listing is for a PlayStation 5 version, and while no other platforms are mentioned, it's long been rumoured that the new Need for Speed would be skipping PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in favour of PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Given how comfortably all the pieces have now slotted into place, it seems highly doubtful the information in the listing is anything other than correct, but all will be revealed tomorrow 6th October at 8am PT/5pm CEST when EA gives the next Need for Speed its official unveiling.