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Need for Speed Unbound gameplay leaks online days ahead of its official release date

A friend in speed.

Several videos purportedly featuring footage from the as yet unreleased Need for Speed Unbound have leaked online.

The footage - uploaded by MrCarrot1890 and Lvneth on YouTube and spotted by the fine folks at Resetera - currently consists of numerous videos that culminate in about an hour of gameplay. It predates not only the 2nd December release date but also the early access period,too, which is supposed to go live on 29th November.

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Interestingly, it doesn't look like the YouTube accounts in question took the footage themselves, as two of the videos were recorded from a Twitch livestream broadcast by someone called gerrykurlsucks, and another from a content creator called Chocolove95.

At the time of writing, EA has not publicly commented on the leak, and all videos remain online, including the archived streams on each racer's respective Twitch channels. It's unclear if the streamers are breaking embargos or have simply received retail copies early.

EA recently apologised after the Need for Speed Twitter account branded a fan as a "milkshake brain".

The exchange unfolded after players learned that pre-orderers of the forthcoming Need for Speed Unbound: Palace Edition will receive three days of early access ahead of release. One particular fan criticised this, which began an argument in which the official account called the fan "milkshake brain" and told them to "cry about it bro or buy regular price idc".

"We admit we got a bit caught up in the hype for launch and some of our recent social media replies crossed the line. To those fans we upset, we apologise. We will do better. See you here next week," EA said by way of an apology.

Need for Speed Unbound will release on 2nd December on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.