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EA finally teasing Need for Speed reveal

UPDATE: Tune in on Thursday.

UPDATE 5pm UK: EA has now officially confirmed it will reveal its new Need for Speed game this Thursday, at 4pm UK time.

A trailer will go live detailing the game - we'll have all the details then.

ORIGINAL STORY 12pm UK: EA has a new Need for Speed game due out this year, but as of today, with less than three months of 2022 left, we've seen nothing of it.

Officially, that is.

Unofficially, we've glimpsed a leaked clip of early gameplay that doesn't tell us a great deal, and there have been industry whispers to expect the game in December.

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Thankfully, publisher EA finally seems ready to show us the game - with a reveal teased for later this week.

On Twitter, the official Need for Speed account has now been rebranded, presumably to match the logo and title of the upcoming game. There's a tagline, too: "Do Not Ignore". Okay!

Need for Speed logo banner.
Do Not Ignore.

The account then replied to a fan asking for a reveal this week with a suggestive eye emoji.

Hopes are high for this new Need for Speed game, with development duties back in the hands of Burnout studio Criterion for the first time since 2012's Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Per earlier reports, the project is said to be for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S only - no last-gen consoles here - and feature cartoon-style visual effects layered on top of a more traditional world.

The game has been a long time coming. Originally set for 2021, its development was paused while Criterion aided DICE get the beleagured Battlefield 2042 out the door.