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Here are the stars of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing jumping on the Fortnite bandwagon


Fancy a steaming side order of cringe with your Sunday dinner? Of course you do. So here are the stars of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing trying out some of Fortnite's most iconic moves, including Groove Jam, Hype, Fresh, and Floss.

The comments to the tweet are a delicious - and predictable - blend of outrage, hilarity, plentiful emojis, and at least one inevitable Brexit hashtag. This one's probably my favourite, though:

Much to many commenters dismay, though, it seems the tweet was just a bit of fun, as apparently Fortnite was nowhere to be seen on the show itself last night.

Fortnite is still hitting the mainstream headlines and remains one the most popular game in the world, even cropping up during the World Cup. Wonder where it'll pop up next?

Looking for help with Fortnite's Hunting Party challenges? We've got you covered.

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