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Here's a first look at Super Sonic in Sonic Frontiers

Emerald power!

Super Sonic floats in the sky in Sonic Frontiers
Image credit: Sega

A new trailer for Sonic Frontiers has been released at Tokyo Game Show, offering a first look at Super Sonic.

"Harness the power of the emeralds," teases the trailer, before showing Sonic acquiring an emerald atop one of the colossal robots and turning into his glowing yellow super form.

He then launches head first through the air into the boss, followed by the game's logo.

Sonic Frontiers - TGS TrailerWatch on YouTube

In addition, the trailer shows off some new gameplay.

There's a huge volcano spewing lava, a new floating robot enemy, and even Sonic riding on some sort of flying robotic creature.

The whole trailer is soundtracked by One OK Rock's track "Vandalize", recently confirmed to be the game's ending theme.

The way Sonic bursts into Super Sonic as the chorus kicks in is *chef's kiss*.

Sonic Frontiers is set for release on 8th November across PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam).