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Sonic Frontiers now has its intro and ending themes

From To Octavia and One OK Rock.

The intro and ending songs for Sonic Frontiers have now been released and it seems 00s rock is the vibe.

"I'm Here" is the name of the intro song, sung by vocalist Merry Kirk-Holmes a.k.a To Octavia. The ending song, meanwhile, is "Vandalize" by Japanese rock band One OK Rock.

Both songs have teaser videos featuring footage from the game.

Sonic Frontiers - Overview

"Find the truth of who I'm meant to become," sings Kirk-Holmes in "I'm Here". "I'm here, reaching far across these new frontiers." It's the game title!

One Ok Rock are particularly happy to be featured.

"We partnered with Sega on Sonic Frontiers because we relate to Sonic and how he's taken on the world after getting his start in Japan," said One OK Rock's lead vocalist, Taka. "We are based in the US and have performed in Europe, Asia and South America, so we are extremely happy to be able to work with the world-renowned Sonic."

"This collaborative song, Vandalize, is very upbeat and has some Japanese-inspired melodies while also sounding like a One OK Rock song. It also matches the cool image of Sonic and his speed when he's running, so please enjoy Vandalize along with Sonic as he speeds across Sonic Frontiers."

Sonic Frontiers x ONE OK ROCK - "Vandalize" Teaser

Sonic Frontiers is set for release on 8th November across PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam).

Chris Tapsell recently interviewed Studio head Takashi Iizuka on the essence of Sonic games and the Open Zone format.

"So whether it's a 2D game or 3D game or an Open Zone game, it's really that sense of enjoyment that I'm running with Sonic at a high speed and [thinking]: this is fun, and I'm having a great time. That to me is the essence," said Iizuka.

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Sonic Frontiers

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