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GTA publisher says using AI to generate dialogue could be "really interesting and fun"

GTA 6 "completely protected" in case of video game actors strike.

GTA Online artwork showing a woman staring at the horizon.
Image credit: Rockstar

GTA 6 could contain generative AI, according to Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick.

Speaking at the Paley International Council Summit on 7th November, Zelnick highlighted AI's potential in game development, specifically for NPCs (as reported by Inverse).

Interactions between players and NPCs are normally scripted, which Zelnick described as "generally not very interesting". Using AI to generate dialogue trees and add variety could make the interactions "really interesting and fun", he stated.

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Zelnick added he believes generative AI "may be better, but it almost certainly will not be faster and cheaper". This echoes Zelnick's previous comments on the subject, when he expressed cautious optimism on advances in AI technology within game development.

Separately, speaking last night during Take-Two's earnings call, Zelnick stated that GTA 6 was "completely protected" from any delays should SAG-AFTRA's video game actors choose to go on strike.

Take-Two was one of the companies involved in negotations with SAG-AFTRA during the most recent strike, which union members voted "overwhelmingly in favour" of authorising a video game strike. The strike was announced as over late last night, with the union agreeing to a "tentative agreement" with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, the trade association for production companies. The agreement is set to include "unprecedented provisions for consent and compensation that will protect [SAG-AFTRA] members from the threat of AI".

While Take-Two is neither confirming nor denying the use of AI in GTA 6, Microsoft recently announced an agreement with Inworld AI to develop a range of AI tools for Xbox's studios. The proposed tools include an "AI design copilot" and an "AI character runtime engine". Inworld AI was behind the technology used by modder Bloc to create Sentient Streets, an AI-powered mod for GTA 5 which allowed players to speak to NPCs and create dialogue on the fly.

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