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Ghostwire: Tokyo has a free prequel visual novel you can play now

KK Prelude.

A free visual novel prequel to Ghostwire: Tokyo has been released on PlayStation consoles.

Set six months ahead of the main game, Ghostwire: Tokyo - Prelude focuses on KK, a detective investigating mysterious phenomena.

Fans looking forward to Ghostwire: Tokyo will recognise KK as the spirit that lead character Akito teams up with. The visual novel will fill in much of his backstory.

"By having people experience and enjoy the events that occurred before the events in [Ghostwire: Tokyo] through a different genre made by a different team, it could help open up and widen people's interpretations of the world and universe we've created," said game director Kenji Kimura in a new PlayStation Blog.

Scenario write Takahiro Kaji adds: "There's a different, kind of more relaxed atmosphere in the visual novel.

"KK is a veteran, accustomed to the situation, working within his realm of expertise and there's good teamwork with Rinko's group. By understanding KK a little better through [Ghostwire: Tokyo - Prelude], the player would be able to gain more perspective and see another side to KK's dialogue in [Ghostwire: Tokyo]."

Multiple playthroughs will allow players to build a relationship with KK's crew and discover new elements of the story.

Ghostwire: Tokyo - Prelude is out now on PlayStation 4 and 5, with a PC release (Steam, Epic) following on 8th March. Ghostwire: Tokyo is then due out on PlayStation 5 and PC on 25th March.

Developer Tango Gameworks gave a detailed look at the horror game last month.

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GhostWire: Tokyo

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