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Ghostwire: Tokyo's player count tops 6m

"That doesn't make those eerie alleyways any less haunted, of course…"

Six million players have "explored Ghostwire: Tokyo's spooky streets".

That's according to developer Tango Gameworks, which recently took to X/Twitter to share the milestone with its community.

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"SIX MILLION PLAYERS have explored Ghostwire: Tokyo's spooky streets!" the team said in a tweet. "That doesn't make those eerie alleyways any less haunted, of course... Thank you again to all our fans!"

The boost in its playerbase likely came when, after a year's PlayStation exclusivity, Ghostwire: Tokyo finally released on Xbox consoles, and we free-to-play for all Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

In Eurogamer's Ghostwire: Tokyo review, I said that the supernatural romp's striking folklore inspirations didn't quite meet their potential, and its mediocre combat and tiresome activities held back Ghostwire: Tokyo's otherwise spectacular, otherwordly atmosphere.

A year later, our friends at Digital Foundry posited that Ghostwire: Tokyo on Xbox retained the PS5 version's problems - "and adds a bunch more".

"After a year of PlayStation 5 exclusivity, Ghostwire: Tokyo is finally out on Xbox. This open-world horror-first-person-adventure mashup is definitely a unique game, but it did suffer from a range of technical issues when it first launched," Digital Foundry wrote when the Xbox version released last April.

"Poor performance and sluggish controls plagued the PS5 version of Ghostwire, along with an overwhelming range of graphical options. The good news is that the game looks just as good on Series X, but the bad news is that none of the technical issues have been addressed on PS5 since launch - and so the Xbox versions are similarly affected. Even more disappointing is that performance is lower on Series X, while there are noticeable reductions in quality to the game's striking ray-traced effects."

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