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Genshin Impact's first big update arrives in November

Big rep.

Genshin Impact gets its first big update in November, developer miHoYo has announced.

The 1.1 update, dubbed A New Star Approaches, comes out 11th November 2020 on PC, Android, iOS and PlayStation 4, and adds new stories, characters, a seasonal event and a reputation system to the breakout free-to-play open world action RPG.

Meanwhile, miHoYo confirmed Genshin Impact will be playable on PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility, with "improved graphics" and faster load times.

The 1.1 update adds a series of brand new quests, including the grand finale to the Liyue chapter of the main storyline. Four new playable characters are added, including two five-star characters: Childe and Zhongli.

Childe is a Hydro archer who can switch between melee and ranged combat modes.

Zhongli is a Geo polearm user who deals immense area of effect damage, possesses strong defensive abilities, and has the power to petrify his enemies.

The two new four-star characters are Xinyan and Diona.

Genshin Impact's first seasonal event is called Unreconciled Stars. Here, players must fight back against a sudden catastrophe facing Teyvat. The two-week event includes new quests, new co-op challenges and new rewards, such as the four-star character Fischl.

And finally, there's a brand new per-city reputation system, which lets you build up your rep to unlock rewards and new, region-exclusive items and customisations. New tools include a portable waypoint, portable stove, treasure compass, and oculus resonance stones, which miHoYo said will be useful for exploring, surviving, and battling.

Cover image for YouTube videoVersion 1.0 Gameplay Trailer|Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of the big video game hits of the year, despite only being out for just over a month. According to analysts, is the biggest global launch of a Chinese game ever. Writing for Eurogamer, Sayem Ahmed called Genshin Impact "a revolution for traditional free-to-play".

"It's still early days for Genshin Impact, but it feels like we've entered into a new era of gacha-style games with AAA quality delivered with zero cost of entry," Ahmed said.

"Genshin Impact isn't a juggernaut in the making - it's already here. The ramifications of its release are still unclear for a games industry that's beginning to widely diversify how games are priced and released, but one thing's for certain. Genshin Impact is here to stay for a long time."