Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Guides

PUBG roadmap explained - all the new features and updates coming in the Xbox Roadmap and on PC

PUBG Roadmap details have emerged in recent times and as a result we now, at last, have a pretty clear idea of what Bluehole is set to do next - at least, we do for the more immediate future!

Here on this page, we'll outline the current status of the both the Xbox PUBG Roadmap and the original PUBG Roadmap for PC - which runs slightly ahead of its console cousin - so you have a clear idea of what's coming up soon and, where the developer has said anything specific, when we can expect it to arrive.

PUBG Roadmap for PC - what's the 2018 PC PUBG Roadmap?

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PUBG replay controls - how to fast forward, skip ahead and use the camera in the PUBG replay system

Everything you need to skip to the good bits of your PUBG highlights.

PUBG's replay controls can be surprisingly finickity, with no clear idea given in-game for how to use them. It can be especially frustrating when you're trying to find out how to fast forward, use the camera and generally skip to the action, too, so we've whipped up a quick guide for explaining just that.