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PUBG Event Pass price, rewards and Event Seasons explained

Everything we know so far about PUBG's new Event Pass and Event Season systems.

PUBG Event Pass is a new way to unlock cosmetic items in Bluehole's battle royale shooter.

Taking a leaf out of the Fortnite Battle Pass, it's a way to access new items - we suspect emotes and skins - while playing PUBG matches and completing specific challenges across an Event Season.

PUBG Event pass Price, what is PUBG's Event Pass and how do Event Seasons work?

Launching alongside the new Sanhok map on Friday, June 22nd, the PUBG Event Pass allows players to permanently unlock cosmetic items over the course of several weeks of an Event Season, by earning XP and completing challenges.

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The Event Pass can be levelled up throughout a Season by playing games and completing missions, and the further you progress, the more rewards you unlock. Right now, the Event Pass is priced at $9.99 in the US and £7.50 in the UK.

Though the Event Pass is designed as a premium item, you can complete missions and earn rewards even if you haven't purchased it. These will be temporary unlocks (we assume only available until the end of the Season), with the chance to "earn one special item permanently" - you can also purchase the pass at any point during the event period to collect any rewards you would have earned along the way, too.

However, purchasing the Event Pass allows you to permanently unlock these items. You can also purchase the Event Pass towards the end of the Event Season, if you so choose, and still earn the items you would have unlocked along the way.

Event Seasons are set to last four weeks - possibly refreshing each calendar month - with missions spread across daily, weekly and Sanhok-specific activities.

Assuming it works like Fortnite's Battle Pass, weekly challenges will be active until the end of the Season, giving you extra time to complete them. But once the Season events, they - and the rewards they unlock - are gone for good.

And if it's anything like Fortnite, it encourages players to try out weapons and items or visit locations they otherwise wouldn't - giving you something new to try if you feel like you're starting to master everything the game has to offer.

Event Pass rewards cannot be traded or put on the Steam Marketplace, giving you an incentive to complete the Event Pass while it's active.

PUBG Event Pass rewards - premium rewards and time-limited rewards list

Bluehole has specified the rewards that are available, and they revolve around cosmetics. Here's what we know, followed by a table showing what exactly you can earn and how:

  • The first Event Pass is based on Sanhok, with "an item set that fits the map Sanhok thematically"
  • You can unlock rewards regardless of whether you own the Event Pass or not, but outside of a couple of items, they will only be permanent if you purchase the Event Pass before the Event Season ends
  • Playing and completing missions gives you a free chance to change your PUBG username - see how in the rewards table below.

PUBG Event rewards list

LevelPremium Rewards (Event Pass only)Free Rewards (all players)
1400 XPNone
25 per cent BP boostNone
3500 BPViolent Violet Jacket (time-limited)
4Jailbird T-shirtNone
5Escapee PantsEarloop Mask
6200 XPTurqoise Delight Kar98k skin (time-limited)
7Escapee ShoesNone
8BP BoostTracksuit Top (Yellow) (time-limited)
9Silver Plate Mini14 skinNone
10700 BPGold Plate S686 skin (time-limited)
11Beach ShortsNone
12200 XPTracksuit Pants (Yellow) (time-limited)
13Jailbird JoggersNone
14BP BoostPlated Mini-skirt (Black) (time-limited)
15Escapee JacketNone
16500 BPFree Nickname Change (Permanent)
17Guard PantsNone
18700 BPHotpants (Blue) (time-limited)
19Guard CapWorker Jacket
20200 XPSunflower Parachute skin (Permanent)
21Gold Plate P92 skinNone
22Guard JacketNone
23Rash VestNone
24Rose-tinted GlassesNone
25BP BoostNone
26Beach Shirt (Coral)None
272000 BPNone
28Twisty Top (Beige)None
29Guard SkirtNone
30Paradise BottomNone

For comparison, Fortnite's Battle Pass offers 100 tiers of unlocks over 10 weeks, from in-game currency (V-Bucks) and cosmetics, to an XP multiplayer for yourself and party members.

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PUBG Event Pass cost and other things we know about PUBG Events

Developer Bluehole has only provided a brief outline of how the Event Pass and Event Seasons will work, and though it looks to follow the Fortnite Battle Pass model pretty closely, there are a few questions that remain. Here's what we know so far, now that it's out in the wild:

  • The Event Pass, like the Fortnite Battle Pass, costs $9.99 (but is a bit cheaper at £7.50 in the UK), albeit for only four weeks of content instead of Fortnite's ten.
  • The Missions are now availble - you can see them in full in our PUBG Missions guide.
  • We don't know when it'll launch on Xbox or mobile (if at all!)