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PUBG Missions - Week 4 Missions list, reset time and Missions explained

Everything you need to know about PUBG's new Missions.

PUBG Missions are things you can complete whilst playing PUBG, whether you have a PUBG Event Pass or not.

The first event, Sanhok, is now over, but the missions were all fairly straightforward, at least compared to their Fortnite counterparts, with Missions generally requiring you to spend certain amounts of time on maps, travel certain distances, and rack up a certain number of kills.

Still, they're worth digging into if you want to decide whether or not a future event pass will be worth the spend, so below we'll detail both the Weekly Missions for Week 4, and all the other Missions from the current Event, too.

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PUBG Week 4 Missions list

Here are all the available PUBG Missions for the Sanhok Event in reverse chronological order:

Week 4 Missions (July 13th 2018):

  • Drive vehicles for 60 minutes (100XP, no event pass required)
  • Destroy 10 or more vehicles total (100XP)
  • Get picked up by a teammate and revive teammates at least 3 times in a single game (100XP)
  • Use an adrenaline syringe (100XP)
  • Kill at least 1 player by punching, and die by getting punched (100XP)
  • Be among the final 2 players in a Solo game (100XP)
  • Play various maps (200XP)
    • Play on Erangel 3 times (20XP)
    • Play on Miramar 3 times (20XP)
    • Play on Sanhok 3 tiems (20XP)

Week 3 Missions (July 6th 2018):

  • Take 2,000 damage or more in games where you've played for 5 minutes or more, excluding the damage from bluezone or teammates (100XP, no event pass required)
  • Reach top 5 10 times in Squads (100XP)
  • Reach top 10 without using any healing items until the end of the match (100XP)
  • Knock down enemies 50 times (100XP)
  • Restore 200 health using any healing items (100XP)
  • Use a med kit (100XP)
  • Drive every vehicle type on Miramar (200XP)
    • Drive Mirado (20XP)
    • Drive a van (20XP)
    • Drive a buggy (20XP)
    • Drive a pickup (20XP)
    • Drive a motorbike (20XP)
    • Drive a three-wheeled motorbike (20XP)
    • Drive a boat (20XP)
    • Drive an Aquarail (20XP)

Week 2 Missions (June 29th 2018):

  • Play on Miramar for 3 hours or more (100XP, no Event Pass required)
  • Heal for 300 HP total (100XP)
  • Kill 2 players using a pan in Solos (100XP)
  • Kill 3 players with vehicle (100XP)
  • Take at least 500 damage from the bluezone (100XP)
  • Refuel 10 times total (100XP)
  • Destroy helmets, vests and vehicles 3 times each (200XP)
    • Destroy 3 helmets (20XP)
    • Destroy 3 vests (20XP)
    • Destroy 3 vehicles (20XP)

Week 1 Missions (June 22nd 2018):

  • Kill 10 players (100XP, no event pass required)
  • Drive 10km in any vehicle in FPP on Miramar (100XP)
  • Kill 3 players using handguns (100XP)
  • Travel 50km by any means (100XP)
  • Reach the top 3 without killing anyone in solos (100XP)
  • Reach the top 5 5 times (100XP)
  • Various ways to kill - kill a player at least once with each of the five below methods (200XP)
    • Get a kill using a melee weapon (20XP)
    • Get a kill using a headshot (20XP)
    • Get a kill using a Molotov (20XP)
    • Get a kill using a vehicle (20XP)
    • Get a kill using a frag grenade (20XP)

PUBG Normal and Sanhok Event Missions list

Aside from the weekly roster of Missions, PUBG's Event system also has a series of Missions for you to complete that fall under the categories of "Normal" missions and "Sanhok" Missions - you have the entire four weeks to complete these, with the Normal ones taking the form of various PUBG-related tasks and Sanhok ones being specific to the location of this month's event.

Note that the below require you to have unlocked the Event Pass, unless otherwise stated!

PUBG Normal Missions list

  • Linked Mission Part 1: Deal at least 500 damage and kill at least 1 player in a single game (160XP)
    • Part 2: Locked, until completing Part 1 (160XP)
    • Part 3: Locked, until completing Part 1 (160XP)
    • Part 4: Locked, until completing Part 1 (160XP)
    • Part 5: Locked, until completing Part 1 (320XP)
  • Travel a total of 100km or more in vehicles (400XP)
  • Play 30 games on Erangel and Miramar (400XP)
  • Kill 100 players (400XP)
  • Reach the top 10 on Erangel 5 times (all players, 300XP)
  • Revive teammates 10 times (all players, 300XP)
  • Kill a player who's at least 300m away using an SR (all players, 300XP)
  • Play 5 squad games where you survived for at least 30 minutes and killed at least 1 player (all players, 300XP)

Sanhok Event Missions list

  • Linked Mission Part 1: Play on Sanhok at least 10 times (40XP)
    • Part 2: Locked, until completing Part 1 (60XP, Twisty Top (Sky))
  • Linked Mission Part 1: Reach top 10 on Sanhok in Solos (40XP)
    • Part 2: Locked, until completing Part 1 (40XP)
    • Part 3: Locked, until completing Part 2 (40XP)
    • Part 4: Locked, until completing Part 3 (60XP and Cat Eyes glasses)
  • Linked Mission Part 1: Kill a player with a QBZ (40XP)
    • Part 2: Locked, until completing Part 1 (40XP)
    • Part 3: Locked, until completing Part 2 (40XP)
    • Part 4: Locked, until completing Part 3 (60XP and Jungle Digital M416 skin)
  • Linked Mission Part 1: Kill a player with a punch on Sanhok (40XP)
    • Part 2: Locked, until completing Part 1 (40XP)
    • Part 3: Locked, until completing Part 2 (40XP)
    • Part 4: Locked, until completing Part 3 (40XP)
    • Part 5: Locked, until completing Part 4 (60XP and Beach Shirt (Yellow))
  • Linked Mission Part 1: Revive 10 teammates on Sanhok (40XP)
    • Part 2: Locked, until completing Part 1 (40XP)
    • Part 3: Locked, until completing Part 2 (40XP)
    • Part 4: Locked, until completing Part 3 (40XP)
    • Part 5: Locked, until completing Part 4 (60XP and Beach Shorts (Green))

PUBG update #29 is live: here's our guide to the latest PUBG patch notes for update 29 to get you up to speed. Meanwhile, we've dedicated pages on the Sanhok map, Erangel map and Miramar map and Vikendi map, too. If you're after some broader advice, our list of PUBG tips and tricks, PUBG weapon damage stats and the best weapons and best PUBG loot locations can help.

PUBG Missions explained - what are PUBG Missions and how do they work?

PUBG Missions are essentially a series of tasks that you have a set amount of time to complete. Doing so will earn you rewards - the first being XP, which is used to level up and in turn earn other rewards like permanent and temporary cosmetcs; and also some cosmetics that can be earned right away for completing Missions, too.

Things differ, however, depending on whether or not you've bought an Event Pass. If you have one, you'll have more Missions available to you - and therefore more ways of earning XP - as well as far more rewards availble when you do level up from all that XP, too.

You can read more detail on those rewards and pass vs non-pass differences in our page on the PUBG Event Pass and rewards itself, but the key point is this: you can earn a small amount of rewards without a pass, and a large amount with one, but if you want one you're going to have to pay for the privilege.

How do the Missions work?

The Missions themselves are split into a few different categories: Daily Missions, Normal Missions, Sanhok (Event) Missions, and Weekly Missions (there are four weeks to the event).

Most of the time they key is in the name: Daily Missions expire and update daily, Weekly Missions become available each week - although it's not clear right now whether you'll be able to complete last weeks Missions, like you can with Fortnite Challenges, or if they expire at the end of that week.

The Normal Missions are general things you can do in PUBG on various maps and modes, whilst the Sanhok Missions are Event-specific. With this Event being based around Sanhok, obviously that new tropical map is the focus, and so they can only be unlocked by playing on that specific map.

What is PUBG's Daily Mission reset time and Weekly Challenge reset date?

There's no official word on when Missionsupdate just yet - at the time of writing we're still on the first day! - but we do at least have that initial start time and date to work from!

The first Missions - daily and weekly - went live at the following times and dates worldwide:

  • West Coast US: 5pm , June 21st (PDT)
  • UK: 1am, June 22nd (BST)
  • Europe: 2am, June 22nd (CEST)
  • Korea: 9am, June 22nd (KST)

We'd imagine Daily Missions would reset at Midnight wherever you are, but there's no guaruntee that'll be true - what we can expect, at least, is that Weekly Missions will update every Thursday evening US time, or very early in the small hours of Friday morning for those in the UK and Europe. We'll update this page when we know more!

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