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PUBG: Battlegrounds' next update is going to "refine the gunplay meta"

RIP Vertical Foregrip.

PUBG: Battlegrounds' next update will "refine the gunplay meta".

That's according to developer Krafton, which says update 20.1 – which goes live on 11th October for PC and 19th for consoles and introduces a new ranked season – includes "several improvements to weapon attachments, as well as updates to firing from vehicles, a new ranked season, world and map updates and quality-of-life updates".

In response to the Vertical Foregrip "dominating the battlegrounds as the choice grip slot attachment", the team is changing the Thumbgrip, Angled Foregrip, Halfgrip, Lightweight Grip - and the Vertical Foregrip itself - in a bid to shake things up, promising to "monitor [our] plays after this balance update".

PUBG | Patch Report #20.1 - Balance adjustments to some attachments & firing from vehicles, and PGC Watch on YouTube

"The Vertical Foregrip shows strong performance and receives much love from our players – which is quite obvious, as the attachment definitely helps control vertical recoil and accuracy when firing at long range," the team said.

"However, we didn’t want to sustain a meta where everyone uses the same attachment and repeating similar combat styles every match. Therefore, we’ve decided to buff other attachments based on their individual, unique traits."

Tweaks have also been made to firing from vehicles - players in the driving seat will now have their handgun reland animation cancelled if they try to control the wheel - and the handgun's reload duration is getting increased by around 50 per cent, and recoil 20 per cent for PC users. Passengers on PC will also see their recoil increase by 20 per cent, too.

You'll also find 8x and 15x scopes are now available for the M16A4 and Mk47 Mutant, and the x4 scope will "receive three additional reticle types for players to freely select and use their preferred type".

Finally, the Deston map's blue zone is getting nerfed - the team was seeing "players appearing to be eliminated from competition more often in the Blue Zone in Deston compared to other maps" - and you'll start seeing PUBG Global Championship flags and billboards pop up in-game, too.

Krafton recently released a new visual teaser for its unannounced project based upon the Korean fantasy novel, The Bird That Drinks Tears.

The developer says the trailer "illustrates" what audiences can expect from future entertainment projects based on the IP" as well as "guide the aesthetic and tonal directions of various multimedia projects based on The Bird That Drinks Tears, including a graphic novel and motion picture".

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile has released a new anti-cheat system that it says has already cut cheating by half.