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Bloodborne's latest update adds new opportunities to max out weapons

One of Bloodborne's most common criticisms - the inability to max out multiple weapons per playthrough - has finally been addressed in its latest v1.09 patch.

As any Bloodborne vet can tell you, the original game only allowed players to fully upgrade one weapon per playthrough as it required a singular item - the Blood Rock - to craft.

The Old Hunters DLC expansion alleviated this problem a little by adding a second Blood Rock to the campaign, allowing users to max out two weapons per playthrough.

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Huge 9GB patch paves the way for Bloodborne's expansion

Huge 9GB patch paves the way for Bloodborne's expansion

UPDATE: Videos show off new content.

UPDATE 21/11/2015 2.40am: Some astute YouTubers have detailed the new content contained within this latest Bloodborne patch.

YouTuber Juutas1988 goes in depth with the new League covenant. He shows how you join it, what new gear you can get, and how it works. The gist is that a new NPC, Summon Master Valtr, appears at the entrance to the windmill in the Forbidden Forest. He'll ask you to kill vile souls who will reward you with centipede-like parasites called "vermin" that he collects. The League will no doubt play a larger role in The Old Hunters expansion due next week. Here's more detail on how to access the DLC.

Meanwhile, YouTuber Fextralife explains how to acquire the new spell, Madaras Whistle, which summons a snake head to chomp on wherever you were standing a second ago.

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Bloodborne free update will add new covenant and hunters

Bloodborne will be receiving its much anticipated The Old Hunters expansion on 24th November, but that's not all it's getting. An upcoming patch will add all new content to the main campaign, including a new series of NPC hunters called The League.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, The League is basically a new covenant (to use Souls parlance) that bands together to help each other out. "By aligning yourself to The League, led by a mysterious figure in a constable's garb and bucket helmet, you can assist other players online in the game and compete in The League's online rankings leaderboard," SCE Japan Studio producer Masaaki Yamagiwa explained.

The League also brings with it a new weapon, the League Cane, and you'll be able to summon NPCs from this guild to aid you on your quest.

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Bloodborne Game of the Year Edition launches this November

Bloodborne Game of the Year Edition will launch on 27th November and include the DLC story expansion The Old Hunters.

The Old Hunters will launch that same week on 24th November for 11.99/€14.99.

It will contain three new areas and 10 new weapons including a cool axe/saw weapon called Simon's Bowblade. Furthermore, it will finally let players transform into a beast - something the core game hinted at, but never actually did aside from giving you hard to notice claws for a few seconds during certain animations.

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Bloodborne Platinum trophy holders now get an exclusive theme

Bloodborne players who attained the coveted Platinum Trophy in From's latest action-RPG have received an email giving them a code for the following exclusive PS4 theme:

President of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida, who Platinum'd Bloodborne himself, clarified on Twitter that this bonus theme is only being given to European players.

Bloodborne's story DLC The Old Hunters will arrive on 24th November for 11.99/€14.99. In the meantime, you can check out Martin's impressions of it.

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Bloodborne: The Old Hunters expansion revealed, coming November

UPDATE 9.35am: Bloodborne: The Old Hunters will launch in the UK on the same day as Japan, 24th November, and will be priced 11.99/€14.99.

"Learn the tale of hunters who once made Yharnam their hunting grounds, meet new NPCs, and discover another side of the history and world of Bloodborne," Sony has teased in a new EU PlayStation blog update.

The new saw weapon is named Simon's Bowblade weapon, while the new boss seen in the trailer below is named Ludwig.

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Bloodborne 1.05 patch matches player levels when using passwords

Last month Bloodborne's 1.04 patch added a new feature wherein players could play together regardless of their level so long as they used a password to connect to one another. This was a major boon for friends getting into From's latest at different times, as originally you could only play with those near the same level as you.

In the next version 1.05 update the guest's level will be adjusted to match that of the host if the difference is large, Sony noted on its Japanese PlayStation site. This should even things out a lot, so you don't have one player at level 20 doing negligible damage while their level 130 friend cuts through beasts like butter.

Furthermore, it will be made more apparent that a password is in use when initiating co-op via the Beckoning Bell or Small Resonant Bell.

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Depending on your playstyle and experience, Bloodborne may seem easier or harder than its "Souls" predecessors. But even those who found it easier than From Software's previous offerings would still agree that it's a challenging title. But Souls fans are a dedicated bunch, so it's in the community's nature to only make things harder for themselves. Some insist on tackling every boss solo, others resist the temptation to ever level up, and others limit their weapon selection.

Bloodborne patch 1.04 adds co-op with anyone, regardless of level

Bloodborne patch 1.04 adds co-op with anyone, regardless of level

More Blood Chunks and 600 Blood Vial storage.

Bloodborne's new 1.04 patch is now live and brings a host of changes with it: some very big, others quite small.

As detailed by DualShockers' translation of Sony's official Japanese patch notes, one of the biggest changes is that you can now play in co-op regardless of player level, so long as you use a password.

Previously, players had to be within 10 levels of one another, so you wouldn't end up summoning a vastly overpowered player who could slay a boss in a few hits. This is still the default status, but if you want to play with a veteran friend or help out your struggling newbie pal, that's now an option.

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Bloodborne again: Expansion confirmed

An expansion to Bloodborne has been confirmed by president of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida.

Unfortunately, that's about all that's been confirmed, as more details will follow "later this year."

Yoshida teased the DLC in the following tweet:

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Bloodborne patch 1.03 released

Bloodborne patch 1.03 released

Improves loading times by approx. 5-15 seconds.

UPDATE: Digital Foundry has spent the day analysing the new Bloodborne patch. The five-to-15 second load-time improvement is spot on. Even better, respawn times - not mentioned in the patch notes - have been as much as cut in half in Central Yharnam.

ORIGINAL STORY: Bloodborne patch 1.03 has been released on PlayStation 4, and it significantly reduces game loading times.

The main issues addressed, as listed by the Japanese PlayStation website, are:

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Could Bloodborne work as an eSports title?

Watch From's latest enacted as a racing game.

Grim action-RPG Bloodborne may have both cooperative and competitive elements, but until this afternoon I'd never viewed it as a potential eSports title. That all changed upon watching the following video pitting the finalists against each other in a contest to see who could slay the most NPC hunters the quickest within the game's opening 15 minutes.

Man conquers Bloodborne with a guitar controller

Bearzly was Bloodborne to rock.

Video game streamer Bearzly, the man who breezed through both Dark Souls games with a guitar controller, has naturally brought his intentionally awkward controller challenges to the Souls' series spiritual successor Bloodborne. And like From's previous offerings, he's bested its harsh array of challenges.

Battlefield: Hardline trumps Bloodborne in March US retail sales

Battlefield: Hardline was the best-selling game in US retail for the month of March, according to analyst group NPD.

Bloodborne came in second. Then again, Bloodborne also came out near the end of the month on 24th March, while Battlefield: Hardline was released a week earlier on the 17th. Hardline's also available on multiple consoles, whereas Bloodborne is exclusive to the PS4.

While Bloodborne did quite well, it didn't manage to set a record for PS4-exclusive titles, an honour still held by inFamous: Second Son. "The launch of Bloodborne ranked as second overall in software sales this month, but also has the second highest sales for the debut month of a first-party game on the PS4, after inFamous: Second Son, in March 2014," noted NPD Group's Liam Callahan.

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Bloodborne sales pass 1m in under two weeks

Bloodborne sales pass 1m in under two weeks

UPDATE: Next patch will fix boss bug, shorten load times.

UPDATE 14/04/2015 5.06pm: The first details have arrived regarding Bloodborne's next 1.03 update.

As reported on the PlayStation Blog, this patch will finally fix the well documented bug in which bosses become vastly easier after prolonged play sessions of about 12 hour or so. It will also shorten load times. Praise the sun!

While no specific release date has been sorted, Sony said it's aiming to get this implemented by the end of the month.

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How Bloodborne honours the legacy of H.P. Lovecraft

"The sky and the cosmos are one."

Without going into too much detail, it's clear that Bloodborne owes a lot to cult horror author H.P. Lovecraft. It's got more than its share of madness, tentacles, and inconvenient truths about man's plight in a grim world, but those are just surface details true of many horror games.

Bloodborne soundtrack goes on sale later this month

Currently only available to those with the Collector's Edition.

Bloodborne's glorious soundtrack is currently exclusive to those who splurged on the Collector's Edition, but as of 21st April it will be on sale for anyone who wants to listen to its rich, gloomy tunes.

Bloodborne tops Japan sales chart

Bloodborne tops Japan sales chart

Shifts over 150k units.

PlayStation 4-exclusive Bloodborne managed to shift 152,567 copies during its launch week in Japan.

From Software's dark role-player topped Media Create's weekly software chart, ahead of numerous other new entries (thanks, NeoGAF).

For context, Sony has sold just over 1.25m PS4 consoles in the country - meaning around one in eight owners bought the game.

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Watch someone complete Bloodborne in 40 minutes

They're exploiting glitches, but still...

Bloodborne is an absolutely massive game and one that's sadistically punishing at that. Yet YouTuber Oginam_tv managed to roll credits in From Software's latest action-RPG in only 40 minutes and 17 seconds of in-game time (or an even 44 minutes in real-time).

Bloodborne dev working on a patch to improve load times

From Software is working on a patch for Bloodborne it hopes will improve the game's load times.

Bloodborne's load times have come under scrutiny. Digital Foundry performance analysis shows revivals take between 40-45 seconds, what it describes as "a patience-testing number given the frequency of death in this game".

Digital Foundry continues:

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Don't forget to download Bloodborne's 2.69GB day one patch

Don't forget to download Bloodborne's 2.69GB day one patch

Online play! Chalice Dungeons! More!

Bloodborne is out tomorrow - and with it comes a important 2.69GB day one patch.

If you pre-loaded From Software's PlayStation 4 exclusive you'll already have access to the patch. Bloodborne goes on sale tomorrow, 24th March in North America and this Friday, 27th March in the UK.

The update, which brings Bloodborne up to version 1.01, allows for online play, fixes a number of bugs, improves performance and adds the Chalice Dungeons feature.

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Bloodborne reveals Collector's Edition goodies

Or get the premium Nightmare Edition for €120.

From Software's highly anticipated Dark Souls 2 follow-up Bloodborne will come in a couple of fancy swag-laden special editions with the Collector's Edition and the premium Nightmare Edition.

Bloodborne release date confirmed

Bloodborne release date confirmed

UPDATE: Watch 30 minutes of gameplay and a new trailer.

UPDATE 18/09/2014 6.30pm The entirety of Bloodborne's Tokyo Games Show demo has been revealed via Open World Games.

It's the same content as the E3 demo, only now we get to see the entire thing. The player dies a fair few times, so you might want to skip around a bit, but the advantage of this is we get to see them experiment with different equipment sets as they traverse the rotten alleys of Yharnam.

ORIGINAL STORY 18/09/2014 7.51am Souls successor Bloodborne releases on Friday 6th February 2015, Sony has announced.

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Watch six minutes of Bloodborne gameplay

Watch six minutes of Bloodborne gameplay

From Software makes it look easy.

Sony has released a six minute slice of gameplay footage from From Software's highly anticipated Dark Souls spiritual successor Bloodborne.

With the health, stamina and ammo HUD in place, we're finally able to see the combat's unique Regain System at work, in which the player is able to replenish their health by attacking an enemy shortly after receiving damage. The amount you can regain is shown in yellow on your health meter, in case that wasn't clear.

More details about Bloodborne's unique brand of combat are starting to take shape. It looks like charge attacks are a thing now and combos appear to have a bigger role than they did in the Souls series, as you can stun a hulking ghoulish figure with your blunderbuss then get a special uber-powerful attack opportunity while they're recovering from the blast.

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Bloodborne gets a new trailer, release window

Bloodborne gets a new trailer, release window

Combat system details emerge.

New footage of From Software's highly anticipated Dark Souls spiritual successor Bloodborne has been revealed in its latest Gamescom 2014 trailer.

Additionally, Sony noted at its Gamescom press conference that Bloodborne will be out sometime in the next six months. Previously it was slated for 2015, so it's looking like a Q1 release unless it gets delayed.

The publisher also revealed some new info about Bloodborne's combat system on the PlayStation Blog. We already knew that it would be faster and more aggressive than that in Demon's and Dark Souls, and now Sony has spilled the beans on its risk vs reward Regain System.

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Bloodborne gameplay footage from E3

A minute of Bloodborne gameplay footage has surfaced online, via NeoGAF, having been recorded off-screen from a demo at E3.

It's a brief glimpse but enough to highlight how Bloodborne's setting is different to From Software's Souls games. In Bloodborne the hero is a kind of stereotypical Jack the Ripper, in a long coat and kind of Robin Hood hat, stalking a gloomy Victorian Edinburgh - or something that looks a lot like it - slashing at enemies as murderous as he.

As you'll know from reading our Bloodborne preview, there's no shield-type weapon in Bloodborne, so the combat we see isn't as staccato as in Souls. Instead you dual-wield a cleaver-saw in one hand, and a shotgun in the other.

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