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Bloodborne Kart gameplay revealed

Rev your engines.

Game dev Lilith Walther is the gift that keeps on giving. Following their announcement of fan project Bloodborne Kart, the creator has shared some new snippets of footage, showing off some of what players can expect on the game's eventual release.

This footage includes a look at the game's drifting mechanics, the first peek at the power up system and the inclusion of destructible objects (which currently do not slow down the player's kart, although Walther has said this will probably be changed in the future).

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For now, the powerup system is just the Hunter's pistol (which still looks great), but Walther has promised they'll "create a proper roulette selection" when they get multiple powerups in the game.

At the moment the Hunter's pistol also uses its own ammo, but Walther feels, "Using the generated quicksilver bullets is good for a battle mode, but for racing it would be better if it was discarded after a few shots."

Additionally, Walther has demonstrated how the camera will work in the game, with players being able to shift perspectives just a small amount, 90 degrees or 180 degrees depending on different button presses.

Check out Walther's teasers below.

It is worth noting the game is in early development, so any of these features may well be changed closer to release.

Along with the upcoming release of Bloodborne Kart, Walther also gave us the PS1 inspired Bloodborne demake. Despite giving the game a simplistic and low res make over, Walther still managed to keep Yharnam decidedly creepy.

And such was the bloodthirst for Walther's version of Yharnam, this demake was downloaded more than 100k times in less than 24 hours.

While giving it a shot for himself, Eurogamer's Ian Higton applauded the game for combining two of his favourite things - retro games and spanking werewolves. You can check out Ian's playthrough below.

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