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It's official - Bloodborne Kart is coming

A Hunter's dream.

It's the crossover I didn't know I needed, but now it is all I can think of. Yes, Bloodborne Kart is actually going to be a thing, so colour me excited.

Fan project Bloodborne Kart is coming from game dev Lilith Walther, the brains behind the PS1 inspired Bloodborne demake (check out our Ian giving this demake a go below).

Announcing their latest endeavour on Twitter, Walther said, "It's happening, Bloodborne Kart is real and will be coming out as soon as it's ready!"

To accompany this announcement, Walther shared a short teaser of what fans can expect on the game's eventual release.

As well as this clip, Walther also linked to Bloodborne Kart's title music by The Noble Demon. This soundtrack impressively combines the ominous vibe of Bloodborne with the more upbeat and peppy music found in other Kart-based games such as Nintendo's Mario Kart. Have a listen for yourself below.

Seeing this all becoming a reality is quite something, especially when the idea initially started as an April Fool's joke.

Don't worry though - Walther has confirmed that even though their initial thread from 2021 was a playful hoax, this time it is really real.

So, what can fans expect the actual gameplay to be like? Well if it is anything like what Walther teased last year, the game will include not only a playable Hunter, but also Bloodborne's Cleric Beast, werewolf and troll enemies all barrelling around the streets of Yharnam.

Bloodborne itself recently celebrated its seventh anniversary.

In those seven years, Bloodborne has become one of PlayStation's most successful IPs. Its mix of gothic horror and dark storytelling makes it one of the most alluring, if somewhat disturbing, games currently on the market.

This overwhelming adoration from critics and fans has led many to express their desire to see a PlayStation 5 upgrade of FromSoftware's RPG, or at least a PC port of the game much like those of Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War. However, despite countless rumours and ongoing speculation, there has been nothing officially revealed by Sony.

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