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Bloodborne demake out today

Don't shoot the messengers.

The highly anticipated Bloodborne demake is out today, complete with a brand-new launch trailer.

The Bloodborne demake is the work of Unreal Engine 4 tech artist and engineer Lilith Walther, and harkens back to the graphics of the PlayStation One era, this new demake embraces its pixelated predecessors' history in gloriously nostalgic detail.

Here's our own Ian giving it a go:

To accompany the launch of their Bloodborne demake, Walther additionally released a new trailer that shows off the bloody chaos that players can expect to come their way.

Father Gascoigne and the Cleric Beast both get a moment in the spotlight, and even with the more simplistic graphics these foes are still utterly terrifying. Perhaps even more so - there is no denying that the PS One style suits Bloodborne, resulting in some incredibly haunting scenes amongst the almost-too-slick footage.

With its blocky giant rats, low-res messengers, and lurid bloodlust, this demake is not something that any Bloodborne fan should miss. Yharnam has never looked so terrifying and yet so enticing all at the same time.

Bloodborne has been one of PlayStation's most successful IPs. Its mix of gothic horror and dark storytelling makes it one of the most alluring, if somewhat disturbing, games currently on the market. This overwhelming adoration from critics and fans has led many to express their desire to see a PlayStation 5 upgrade of FromSoftware's RPG, or at least a PC port of the game much like those of Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone. However, despite countless rumours and ongoing speculation, there has been nothing officially revealed by Sony.

But while Sony may not be launching a new 60fps release of Bloodborne complete with all the bells and whistles that go with such an upgrade, fans can still get their Yharnam fix in a new way.

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