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Go on an Easter egg hunt with Sony’s new PlayStation trailer

Unforbidden horizons await.

Sony has revealed a new trailer to hail in the arrival of its new look PS Plus subscription service across the globe. And, of course, the company has not missed out on a golden opportunity to remind us all of its many IPs, from Horizon and Uncharted to Bloodborne, Ghost of Tsushima and more.

The new trailer, which is simply called Mr. Malcom, takes us on a journey into a "mystifying and intriguing world, showcasing the lives that anyone can live, through wonderful gaming experiences". It all starts off seemingly benign, with the titular Mr Malcom enjoying a meal out before buying himself some nice juicy meat from the butcher.

However, it soon becomes more and more surreal, as Mr. Malcom makes his way home and back to his eclectic collection. Also, that meat I just mentioned... it wasn't actually for him. You can check out the trailer for yourself below.

Cover image for YouTube video
What's in your basement, Mr. Malcom???

So, how many nods to Sony's gaming library did you see? Let us know! And as for that Bloodborne reference, well, needless to say it has got plenty of tongues wagging about what Sony may have in store for the game's future.

As Tom reported yesterday, Sony has actually exceeded the number of games it promised to make available as part of its PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium catalogues, after previously launching the service in other regions with far fewer titles than expected.

Additionally, the company has promised that it will provide "NTSC options for a majority" of its Classic Catalogue PlayStation 1 games in the future - though at the time of writing it has not detailed when or for which games.

For the full rundown of everything on offer, Eurogamer's PlayStation Plus Premium and Extra guide has you covered.