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Jelly Deals: Limited Bloodborne Hunter Figma figure available to order now

Every Hunter's dream.

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Initially announced at the beginning of the year, the Bloodborne Hunter Figma figure is now available to pre-order.

For the uninitiated, Figma is a series of action figures modelled after various characters from video games, movies, anime, TV shows and more. The basic goal is to make incredibly detailed figurines that can also be articulated in as many ways as possible. Where applicable, the figures will also come with a slew of accessories and replacement parts.

The way Figma figures work is that the company will announce a new and upcoming model, let pre-orders go live, close said pre-orders, manufacture enough units to cover the pre-orders, then call it a day. The figures, as a result, are pre-order only and thus, limited edition.

Over the years, Figma has created renditions of fan-favourite characters including Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid and Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. Add to that the 'limited' nature of the figures and you have yourselves a bonafide collector's item.

This latest creation depicts the Male 'Hunter' character from Bloodborne (as shown on the game's box art) with blunderbuss and saw-blade weapons.

You'll need to pay extra to get this lot with your figure.

Pre-orders are live now and set to close on 17th October 2017, so you have until then to decide whether you want one of these before they're gone for good. The standard version will set you back £52.88 / $69.99 while the Exclusive edition costs £86.88 / $114.99. It's worth noting here that the only difference between the standard and Exclusive editions is the inclusion of the extra Messengers figurine.

The figure is due out at the end of May 2018 (after manufacturing completes) and delivery to the UK can be as little as £8.99 if you fancy one of these Hunters stood atop your desk, mantlepiece, bedside table or wherever else you feel needs protecting.

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