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Gehrman joins the Bloodborne Kart roster

Yharnam Drift.

Bloodborne Kart developer Lilith Walther has shared the latest character they've added to the game: Gehrman, The First Hunter.

Walther is widely known for their detailed and excellent Bloodborne PSX demake, and has been working on the racing project since March.

Their latest update shows off Gehrman, the elderly gentleman who hangs around the workshop inside the Hunter's Dream, though I suspect he's been modding his ride a bit.

Watch Ian try out the Bloodborne PSX demake.Watch on YouTube

Gehrman races in the wheelchair he uses in-game, still holding onto his cane, but he now has a massive engine strapped to the back of it to propel him around. You can see Gehrman racing, quipping occasionally with some of his dialogue lines from the game (and plenty of evil cackles).

How magnificent, indeed...

My favourite part has to be the major key remix of Gerhman's theme tune playing over the top of gameplay. It was created YouTuber TheNobleDemon, who also contributed music to Bloodborne PSX demake. It's just so joyful!

The gameplay is a lot more substantial than the first glimpse we had of Bloodborne Kart, showing the game's map and speedometer, multiple racers and powerups. A variety of the game's weapons are also shown off, including the Hunter's Pistol, the Burial Blade, and the Gatling gun.

Other confirmed characters for Bloodborne Kart include Father Gascoigne on a motorbike, the Doll steering a carriage, and of course, the good Hunter.

To stay updated with Walther's work on Bloodborne Kart, they often create dev threads on Twitter to document their progress.