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Bloodborne - Underground Cells, Brador, Fist of Gratia, Surgery Altar

How to survive the Underground Cells in Bloodborne's DLC.

This article explains how to survive the Underground Cells in Bloodborne: The New Hunters.

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When you're ready to continue on with your adventure, climb the stone staircase and collect the Blood Vial from the corpse on the right at the top. Next, take a left, pass through the small doorway and ascends the steps beyond.

As you near the top of the steps, you'll begin to hear muttering from somewhere nearby. Move into the long passage, turn left and approach the locked door at the end. You can just make out the shape of a man through the cell bars, banging his head against the wall. There's no way to reach him at present, however, so leave him be and proceed along the corridor behind you.

Kill the Church Servant

Continue forward, ignoring the doorways either side for the time being. Shortly, a tall, staff-wielding Church Servant (identical to the ones you'll have seen around Yharnam previously) will emerge from the shadows, accompanied by a wheelchair huntsmen brandishing a blunderbuss. Deal with the gun-toting gentleman first, then eliminate his companion.

Now, you're free to explore the passage. Moving away from the mumbling prisoner at the end of the corridor, you'll find a locked (and currently impenetrable) door to the right, and a room containing a corpse to the left. Grab the Frenzied Coldblood (9) from the body and return to the corridor. Continue forward and take a left down the steps when you reach them.

Meet up with Brador, the hooded man

At the bottom, follow the corridor along and speak with Brador, the hooded man ringing a silent bell behind the locked door ahead - you can see him more clearly if you equip the Monocular. When he asks you if you hear the toll of the bell, tell him that you do not.

There's not much else to do here for now, so head back up the steps and take a left at the top, continuing along the corridor. At the next set of doors, you'll find the left-hand door locked and the room to the right empty. Continue to the final set and enter the room to the right, collecting the Fist of Gratia weapon from the corpse. Return to the passage and climb the steps at the far end.

At the top of the staircase, you'll find a large, lavishly decorated chamber with an altar at the far end. About-face and approach the low, shadowy alcove in the wall behind you. Eliminate the yellow-eyed rats inside (they won't put up much of a fight) and grab the Blood Stone Chunk from the body on the right.

Eliminate the sword-wielding hunter and the sorceress

Next, return to the steps and begin making your way toward the altar, grabbing the Great One's Wisdom from the corpse on the bed to the left. As you near the last row of beds, come to a halt. A female hunter with an enormous sword hides behind a pillar to the right.

This enemy hits quickly, repeatedly and hard - so you don't want to get caught unawares. She's also fast on her feet, and can easily slip way from your attacks. On the plus side, she takes a moment to recover between flourishes, giving you ample opportunity to step in and strike.

Truthfully, she's not too difficult to beat on her own - but, unfortunately, she isn't the only enemy you'll contend with here. As soon as the hunter enters combat, a second enemy, kneeling at the altar, will be alerted to your presence. This nun-like sorceress will cast magical projectiles that home directly toward you, doing a large amount of damage on impact.

As such, you'll need to be particularly vigilant during the encounter, focusing on your targets one at a time. It's arguably easiest to deal with the blade-wielding hunter first, launching an assault while using the beds around the room as cover from any incoming magical attacks. Just keep an eye on the magic caster, adjusting your position to stay shielded as she moves around.

Once you've dealt with your first target, turn your attention to the sorceress. Move in close, dodging back and forth to avoid her projectiles, then hit her with everything you've got. She'll draw a sword once you're within arms reach - but she's neither as quick or as hard-hitting as her companion.

When the room is clear, approach the Surgery Altar (as it's known) and use the Eye Pendant when prompted. This will cause the altar to rise to the level above, taking you along for the ride. Once the cutscene is over, light the lamp at the foot of the steps, adding the Research Hall to the Hunter's Nightmare headstone back in the Hunter's Dream.

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