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Bloodborne - Research Hall, Patient Room 2, Patient Room 4, spiral staircase

How to survive the Research Hall in Bloodborne's DLC.

This article explains how to survive the Research Hall in Bloodborne: The New Hunters.

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To begin the next perilous leg of your journey, climb the staircase to the right of the lamp and enter the majestic Research Hall. At the top, look left and locate the Scurrying Beast near the wall - kill it before it disappears to receive a Blood Stone Chunk.

Next, turn your attention to the pool in the centre of the chamber. There's a brain-headed, non-hostile creature splashing around in the water nearby. As you draw near, it will begin to mourn its missing eyes. Descend the steps and grab the Blue Elixir from the corpse by the central column in the pool. Note that the water is poisonous so move in and out quickly.

To the rear of the chamber, opposite the entrance, you'll spot another Scurrying Beast carrying Blood Stone Chunks. You'll also find a door marked '1st Floor Balcony'. However, the door is currently locked - so, for now, return to the Research Hall entrance.

Approach and climb the spiral staircase

From here, take a right and approach the huge spiral staircase. You'll likely aggro the hostile brain creature above as you near, so be ready to fight. These poor souls are, for the most part, weak and easily dispatched. Occasionally, however, they'll become enraged, and their repeated flailing attacks can do serious damage - so be prepared to dodge clear.

When it's safe to proceed, locate the doorway on the right at the foot of the spiral staircase, signposted 'Laboratory Floor 1'. This door only opens from other side so, for now, begin climbing the spiral steps. Once you reach the first small landing, you'll encounter more hostile brain creatures, with another batch likely spilling down the steps to the right.

Once you've cleared the area, you'll note that there are two staircase leading up from the first landing - one to the left and one to the right. The left-hand staircase winds to the landing above, while the right-hand steps lead to the balcony running around the room.

Kill the enemies inside Patient Room 2

Take the right-hand staircase first and, once you reach the top, pass through the doorway marked 'Patient Room 2' directly ahead. Inside, you'll find a ton of brain creatures wandering around, all of whom will immediately launch an attack. Most annoying of these are the acid-jar-tossing enemies situated overhead - their projectiles can cause significant injury if you're hit. Deal with the creatures on the ground floor then take out the wave of enemies that come pouring down the stairs. Finally, eliminate the hostiles stationed on the upper level of the room.

When the area is clear, take the Sedatives from the corpse in the corner on the ground floor then climb the large stone steps. Pass through the doorway directly ahead and scale the ladder to the left. At the top, you'll encounter a brain creature wielding a medical drip. He's taller and stronger than his brethren, and can pack a real punch thanks to his fast, frenzied pummelling. He's pretty easy to dodge around however, so shouldn't cause you much trouble.

When it's safe to proceed, grab the Blood Vials from the corpse in the far left-hand corner and note the exits on either side of the room. The right-hand route leads to another ladder and a room full of non-hostile patients - but we'll be paying them a visit later.

For now, climb the steps to the left. Take a right at the top, ascend the next flight of steps and pass through the door at the end. You'll emerge on the upper balcony - turn right and follow it along, grabbing that Antidote from the corpse on the left.

As you near the spiral staircase ahead, a wheelchair huntsmen will open fire on a group of brain creatures somewhere above. Be wary here: there's a doorway to the right (marked 'Patient Room 4') and the screams will likely draw the creatures beyond toward their comrades.

Before resuming your journey up the spiral staircase, investigate the room on the right, immediately dealing with any remaining hostiles. Grab the Quicksilver Bullets at the back of the room then ascend the stone steps to the right. You'll emerge overlooking the area where you fought the drip-wielding creature earlier. Take the Dirty Damp Blood Gem (5) from the corpse to the right then about face, descend the steps, and leave the room through the doorway to the left.

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