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Bloodborne PSX demake passes 100,000 downloads in less than a day

A hunter's dream.

The newly-released Bloodborne PSX demake has had an unbelievable debut, having been downloaded more than 100, 000 times in less than 24 hours.

The recent demake from Unreal Engine 4 tech artist and engineer Lilith Walthe saw Bloodborne going back to Sony's PlayStation 1 roots. Gone were the more realistic graphics of modern games, and in place fans were treated to a wonderful and pixelated nightmare. Eurogamer's Ian Higton gave it a whirl, delighting in the demake's ability to combine two of his favourite things - Retro games and spanking werewolves.

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It appears that Ian is not alone in his enthusiasm for Walthe's Bloodborne PSX demake. In less than 24 hours, the game had been downloaded a jaw dropping 108k times, Walthe revealed. This number will likely continue to rise as more and more gamers seek to quench their bloodthirst in the streets of a low res, but still horrifying, Yharnam. And as they should. These incredible figures are rightly earned. Walthe's attention to detail is astounding. I mean, you can even pet the dog!

While this Bloodborne demake does not include the entire game, Walthe stated that there is a true ending that fans can reach. Additionally, they have recently released an update and bug fix, which will attend to little hiccups such as Eileen vanishing mid fight, among others.

Many now want to see Sony give Bloodborne its own PC port, allowing the game to open to a wider audience. With other big PlayStation titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn being adapted for PC, these wishes are perhaps just waiting on the side-lines to be realised.

But while Bloodborne on PC, for now at least, is yet to be announced, another of Sony's biggest IPs is making its way to PC for the first time. The Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves collection is due to launch sometime this year, with a PS5 remaster of the final two games in the series available now.

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