Batman: Arkham City News

Amazon UK leaks Batman Arkham Collection Steelbook Edition

UPDATE: Rocksteady confirms PS4 exclusives won't come to Xbox.

Alien Isolation joins Batman Arkham on Xbox Game Pass tomorrow

Plus: Headlander! Mickey! Walking Dead! Soon.

Breaking up with Batman

Rocksteady talks VR and its future away from the Arkhamverse.

Batman: Return to Arkham out this October

New video offers PS3 / PS4 comparison.

Batman Arkham HD Collection revealed via leak

UPDATE: Batman: Return to Arkham pops up on PEGI.

Get every Batman: Arkham game on Steam for $10

Offer valid until Wednesday morning.

Batman: Arkham Collection headed to PC, PS3, Xbox 360 next week

Asylum! City! Origins! And all the DLC on PC.

Warner says a new Batman Arkham game will be out this year

Could this be the Silver Age Asylum prequel Rocksteady has been working on?

Arkham City, Limbo, Vanquish free on PlayStation Plus next month

And Mortal Kombat, Big Sky Infinity, Knytt Underground.

Batman scribe Paul Dini not working on Rocksteady's next title

Writer "unavailable to take on anything new until 2013."

Steam Sale Day 6: The Dark Knight Strikes Again

Grand Theft Auto 4, Limbo and Spec: Ops the Line.

Batman: Arkham City Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC confirmed

UPDATE: Available 30th May, Game of the Year edition coming.

Batman Arkham City: Harley Quinn DLC details leak

Robin, Harley taking centre stage for new add-on.

Chancellor George Osborne confirms UK video games tax credits

UPDATE: UK game developers welcome decision.

Arkham City developer laments health of UK games industry

Rocksteady boss: "We could be world leaders."

Batman: Arkham City ships 6m copies

Helps Warner to glowing annual financial report.

The best selling UK video games of 2011

All together, and platform by platform.

Batman: Arkham World spotted at VGAs

Rocksteady teases new project.

OnLive app rolling out for iPad, Android tablets

Free Lego Batman to all who download client.

PC Batman: Arkham City patch released on Steam

Improves DirectX 11, but not for 32bit Windows users.

Batman: Arkham City DLC revealed

All new Batcave! Joker's Carnival! Iceberg Lounge!

Batman: Arkham City DirectX 11 issues

Rocksteady offers temporary fix: use DX9 instead.

EU PlayStation Store update 23rd November

Daytona! Robin DLC! Rayman Origins for Ł47.99!

Batman: Arkham City Xbox 360 disappearing save files

Warner calls on gamers to help resolve issue.

Battlefield 3, Arkham City dominate October US sales

While Xbox 360 tops hardware chart by huge margin.

Fusion: Genesis release date, price

What's on Xbox Live this month?

EA announces major third party Origin support

Warner Bros., Capcom and THQ sign up.

Batman: Arkham City's worldwide sales

Ships 4.6 million units in a week.

Batman: Arkham City iOS map app released

Track down collectibles on your iPhone.

UK Top 40: Arkham City soars into first place

Ratchet lands 24th, Dance Central 2 is 40th.

Digital Foundry | HDMI 1.4 stereo 3D arrives on Xbox 360

Arkham City is first full-res Xbox 360 3D release.

Gamers report Batman DLC corruption

Rocksteady investigating.

Arkham City DLC launch mishap

Some boxes missing Catwoman content.

Catwoman VIP Pass Achievements

For first-hand Batman buyers.

Out This Week - 21/10/11

Batman: Arkham City! Tintin! Ratchet!

Batman Sinestro Corps skin UK details

Comes with Green Lantern Blu-ray.

Batman online pass unlocks Catwoman

UPDATE: Warner confirms, reveals cost.

Batman Nightwing release, price revealed

Plus: Robin Bundle Pack release date, price.

Rocksteady: PC Batman "worth the wait"

"You'll see a more richly realised world."

Batman: Arkham City adds Deadshot

Rocksteady's Rogues gallery grows.

Batman: Arkham City The Album revealed

Panic! Coheed! Motorcycle! Serj!

Arkham City's New Game Plus detailed

Rocksteady's sequel gets extra mode.

Batman: Arkham City achievements list

Robin yourself of the surprise.

UK gets Batman: Arkham City Robin DLC

With Game and Gamestation pre-orders.

Warner: Batman AC IS a GFWL title

Holy make your mind up Batman.

Batman: Arkham City not GFWL

Holy download Batman!

Batman: AC Joker content Tesco exclusive

Joker's Carnival Challenge Map adds 4hrs.

EG's Game of Gamescom 2011: The Nominees

A shortlist of 10. Winner announced Monday.

Batman: Arkham City has old 3D for HDTVs

As well as stereo-flashy-face 3D.

Batman: Arkham City at EG Expo

Saturday day tickets now sold out.

Batman pre-order skins will release as DLC

Available to all "down the track".

The Batman: Arkham City pre-order skins

And where UK gamers can get them.

Bane fights with Batman in Arkham City

AI-controlled character joins the fray.

GameStop launches UK online shop

"We'll definitely give the best value."

Talia al Ghul confirmed for Arkham City

Batman's occasional squeeze joins the cast.

UK Arkham City Collector's Ed official

Early access to Challenge Map included.

US Batman: Arkham City Collector's Ed

Statue, art book, early access to DLC.

Rocksteady outlines vision for Robin

Shaven head inspired by cage fighters.

OnLive: CGI Arkham City visuals possible

"This will be the new standard for gaming."

Play as Robin in Batman Arkham City

He's a shop-exclusive gift.

Catwoman playable in Arkham City

Selina Kyle missions unveiled.

Batman: Arkham City lasts "25 hours"

Over 15 hours of sidequests included.

Warner signs Unreal Engine 3 until 2014

For Batman, Mortal Kombat devs.

Arkham City campaign lasts 8 hours

But only if you're a "ninja".

Batman: Arkham City release date

Get your Batcave on in October.

No multiplayer for Batman: Arkham City

Rocksteady: "We've made the right decision."

Batman: Arkham City comics announced

Mini-series to plug gap between games.

Batman Arkham City is five times bigger

"A huge amount of navigational freedom."

Batman, Joker to team up in Arkham City?

Mystery trailer shows unlikely pairing.

No Batmobile in Arkham City

No need - Bats is "the ultimate vehicle."

Batman: Arkham City details emerge

New gadgets! New combat! Catwoman!

Batman domains name Arkham sequel?

"Where's Bruce Wayne?" asks one.

Arkham Asylum 2 is "really, really dark"

Batman voice Kevin Conroy says so.

Robin readied for Arkham Asylum II?

Warner not ruling him out.

Rocksteady to make more than Batman

New owner Warner has made plans.

Warner buys Batman dev Rocksteady

To Arkham Asylum 2 and beyond.

Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 unveiled

Rocksteady cracks on with sequel.