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You can get six Batman games for free on the Epic Store right now

Three Arkhams and three Legos await.

Not content with upping its weekly free game count to two a while back, Epic has pushed the boat (and, presumably, great wads of Fortnite cash) out even further this week, with six free games currently available to download from its store. The caveat is that they're all Batman themed, so if you don't like Batman, well, you're bang out of luck.

First are the games aimed squarely at the grown-ups, which arrive in the form of the Batman Arkham Collection. This includes all three Rocksteady developed Batman titles, namely 2009's masterful Arkham Asylum, and its follow-ups, Arkham City and Arkham Knight. Warner Bros Montreal's festive Arkham Origins, however, is nowhere to be found.

All three games in the Arkham Collection are top-notch, combining delightfully gadget-orientated third-person stealth-action with thrilling smatterings of detective work, as is fitting for the Dark Knight. And each plays out in an open world of ever-increasing scope, from the initial confines of Arkham Asylum, to the slums in Arkham City, and, finally, Gotham City in its entirety for the third game. In short, they're well worth snagging while they're free.

This is Batman, should there be any confusion.

As for the second batch of Batman titles currently available for free on the Epic Store, you'll find all three Lego Batman games. As you'd imagine, these are skewed very much toward a family audience - each employing Traveller's Tales' usual accessible (and also increasingly open-world) blend of platforming and knockabout brawling - but there's undoubted fun for all ages here as well, thanks to the series' appealing humour and oodles of fan service.

Batman: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Arkham Knight, Lego Batman: The Video Game, Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, and Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham are available to download now from the Epic Store and the free offer continues until 26th September.

And if you're wondering why all these Batman games are currently free, it's likely got something to do with the fact that this Saturday, 21st September, is officially Batman Day - with this year marking the 80th anniversary of the caped crusader. And it seems like the freebies aren't the only celebration that Epic has planned for the occasion; dataminers recently discovered evidence of what appears to be a Batman-themed limited-time event in Fortnite's latest build.