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It looks like Fortnite is getting a Batman crossover event, according to dataminers

And Tilted Town could become Gotham City.

If the unbridled tinkerings of Fortnite's datamining community are to be believed, the game's next faintly preposterous crossover event - following on from the likes of John Wick, Stranger Things, and that guy what is also a marshmallow - will see everybody's favourite gloomy superhero Batman joining the battle royale parade.

Dataminers, after a good old rummage around Fortnite's innards, have uncovered a host of Batman-related assets squirrelled away in the latest build - including a new loading screen featuring moonlit gothic rooftops, plus a Batman banner, spray, and wing-like Bat Glider.

At least some of these look to be rewards for a new Batman-themed limited-time mode and event, with associated challenges such as "Light up different Bat Signals outside of Gotham City" and "Deal damage to opponents with an Explosive Batarang". And now that I've seen it written down, I realise I've been incorrectly pronouncing it "Batameringue" all this time.

A newly uncovered mini-map suggests that all this Bat-themed malarky will unfold across a version of Tilted Town reworked to resemble Batman's iconic haunt Gotham City, with unearthed models including the likes of a police station (replete with Bat Signal), city hall, a bank, movie theatre, and Wayne Enterprises.

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Core to the event will seemingly be two new weapons: the aforementioned Explosive Batarang ("Homes in on players and sticks to walls. Explodes if it detects enemies in proximity") and the Batman Grapnel Gun ("Pull yourself toward a target location and then deploy the Bat Cape!").

Although none of this is official right now, there's evidence to suggest that developer Epic's dalliances with Batman could happen very soon.

The uncovered loading screen and challenge objectives are linked to the just-started week 8 of Fortnite's current season - and then, of course, there's the fact that this Saturday, 21st September, is Batman Day. So the perfect time for a Dark Knight crossover.

More will undoubtedly be revealed in the coming days.

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