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Further evidence of Returnal on PC emerges

Seal-ene the deal.

Even more evidence of a PC release of PS5 exclusive Returnal has emerged, further cementing its long-rumoured existence.

In May, the first signs of a PC release popped up on SteamDB, under the name Oregon. In September, what appeared to be footage of Returnal running on a PC dev kit was spotted by Digital Foundry's Alex Battaglia during a GDC talk.

The most recent evidence of a PC port comes from the Oregon listing on SteamDB.

Cover image for YouTube videoLet's Play Returnal: Ascension Tower Of Sisyphus Gameplay - SELENE-ING TOWER OF P32-SA!
Let's Play Returnal: Ascension Tower Of Sisyphus Gameplay.

Yesterday afternoon, Oregon had a minor change to its user file system which changed the path for saves from "Tourist/Steam/Saved/SaveGames" to "Returnal/Steam/Saved/SaveGames".

Changelog information.
The updated save file path.

The file path was changed again this morning, reverting it back to "Tourist".

Returnal SteamDB update
The changelog for the revert.

When it inevitably is announced, Returnal will join Sony's list of upcoming games on PC which currently consists of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and The Last of Us Part 1.