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Where to buy Returnal for PC

Over, and over, and over again.

The third-person shooter roguelike game Returnal was an impressive addition to the still fairly small library of PlayStation 5 exclusives when it launched back in April of 2021.

The mix of roguelike gameplay and psychological horror themes on top of a satisfying third-person shooter created a unique playing experience that had a good amount of replayability, the only downside was that it was an exclusive game on an still fairly elusive platform.

Fortunately those of us who don't have a PS5 can now experience Returnal as it launches on Steam today, 15th February 2023. If you are excited to jump into Returnal you can get it from the following online games retailers:


Returnal (PC)- £45 at Fanatical (was £50)

Returnal (PC)- £45 at Green Man Gaming (was £50)

Returnal (PC)- £50 at Humble


Returnal (PC)- £53.99 at Fanatical (was £59.99)

Returnal (PC)- £53.99 at Green Man Gaming (was £59.99)

Returnal (PC)- $59.99 at Humble

Returnal is set in the barren landscape of an ancient civilization, where the protagonist Selene has crash-landed after disobeying the orders of the ASTRA Corporation she pilots for. Selene is forced to fight hostile alien lifeforms and scavenging alien technology left over from the extinct alien civilization, and soon realises that every time she dies she must restart her journey from the beginning.

Returnal is a gorgeous-looking game, with lots of magical and gasp-inducing moments. It can become quite a bit of a grind to get through due to its roguelike nature, but it's well worth sticking through for all the things it gets right as Chris Tapsell explained in their review.

Returnal plays really well with a controller, especially the PS5 DualSense controller that it was designed to be played with thanks to its amazing haptics and adaptive triggers. If you were thinking about getting a new controller to play the game with, you can get the Cosmic Red DuelSense controller for 14 per cent less at Amazon right now.

The other thing to get excited about is the graphical possibilities of Returnal coming to PC. It looked great on the PS5 two years ago, I'm sure it will look even better for those of you with the latest and greatest GPUs in your PCs.

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