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Forza Horizon 5 Tulum objectives radio beacon, jade and golden statue and find where Ramiro has landed locations

How to complete the Apex Expedition's optional objectives.

Exploring Forza Horizon 5's Tulum is the objective of the Apex Expedition.

Alongside this are a number of optional accolades to complete including find a location for the Horizon radio beacon, photograph the Jade Statue and Golden Statue, reach the top of the central ruin and find where Ramiro has landed.

Though initially given little clues as what to do, you can complete all five steps in a matter of minutes - and with not (too) much driving or searching.

Completing one of the side-objectives in this Expedition will also unlock a specific Barn Find location elsewhere to find.

On this page:

Once you are finished with this story mission and have enough Accolades, learn how to complete the side-objectives in other Expeditions set in the Volcano and the Jungle Airport.

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How to find the Horizon radio beacon, Jade Statue, Golden Statue and reach the top of the central ruin locations in Forza Horizon 5

All objectives require you to drive to specific locations in the Tulum area. They are highlighted with the golden symbols on the following map:

Forza Horizon 5 Tulum objectives map.

Specifically, you must:

  • Horizon radio beacon: On the east side - or left and forward from where you begin - you'll find a wide area of decking. Press the button prompt here to place the beacon.
  • Jade statue: In the south-east corner - close to where you place the radio beacon - you'll find that statue. Open photo mode (press Up on the D-pad on controller) and have the statue in shot when taking a picture.
  • Golden statue: In the north-west corner you'll find that statue. Open photo mode (press Up on the D-pad on controller) and have the statue in shot when taking a picture.
  • Top of the central ruin: This is - unsurprisingly - in the middle of the location. We approached this from the south via a ramp after the Jade statue location. (Completing this unlocks the GMC Jimmy Barn Find location.)

With those done, you then have just one objective remaining - find where Ramiro has landed.

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Where to find where Ramiro has landed in Forza Horizon 5

This optional objective is technically misleading as it is actually your primary objective - so we recommend leaving this one until last.

To find where Ramiro has landed, go to the very south-east of the location. It's here you'll find the plane - allowing you to leave the area.

Enjoy racing through the storm on the way back!

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