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Forza Horizon 5 volcano objectives thermal suit, seismometer and hot spring lake sample locations

How to complete the Baja Expedition's optional objectives.

Exploring Forza Horizon 5's active volcano is the objective of the Baja Expedition.

Alongside this are a number of optional accolades to complete including put on the volcanologist thermal suit, find a location for the seismometer, collect a sample from the hot spring lake and smash 5 steam vents to release geothermal energy.

Though initially given little clues as what to do, you can complete all four steps in a matter of minutes - and with not much driving or searching.

Completing one of the side-objectives in this Expedition will also unlock a specific Barn Find location elsewhere to find.

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Once you are finished with this story mission and have enough Accolades, learn how to complete the side-objectives in other Expeditions set in Tulum and the Jungle Airport.

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How to find the volcanologist thermal suit, seismometer and hot spring lake sample locations in Forza Horizon 5

The first three objectives require you to drive to specific locations in the volcano area. They are highlighted with the golden symbols on the following map:

Forza Horizon 5 volcano objectives map.

Specifically, you must:

  • Hot spring lake sample: Drive through the middle of the small lake on the east side of the volcano area, next to where you start the objectives. (Completing this unlocks the Ford Racing Escort Barn Find location.)
  • Volcanologist thermal suit: Further east is a collection of buildings, which you must drive next to then press the button prompt to put on the suit.
  • Seismometer location: On the west side of the volcano, next to the bank of the larger lake, press the button prompt to place the seismometer location.

With those done, you then have just one objective remaining - smash 5 steam vents to release geothermal energy.

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How to smash 5 steam vents to release geothermal energy in Forza Horizon 5

Whereas the other optional objectives have you drive to specific locations, the final one has you find five steam vents within the volcano area.

Steam vents are the small pikes of rock with steam erupting from the top. Drive into one of these and one of your five locations will be ticked off the list.

Steam vents are dotted throughout the volcano area, and thanks to the steam, you should see them from the distance. If you are struggling, then just north of the hot spring lake and suit objectives is a ridge. Drive up here and look around, and you should see the pockets of steam.

Note that once you have driven over a steam vent, the steam will keep rising - so try and mentally track which ones you have driven over as you explore.

Between using the ridge, and driving between the other objective locations, you should find all five steam vents you need soon enough.

With all four objectives complete, you can now drive to the north, where you can find the buggy to complete the main objective - and the Baja Expedition.

Enjoy racing back down the other side of the volcano!

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