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Forza Horizon 5 Jungle airport objectives pilot outfit, helmet, flight recorder, rainy day fund and lost notes locations

How to complete the Wilds Expedition's optional objectives.

Exploring Forza Horizon 5's Jungle airport is the objective of the Wilds Expedition.

Alongside this are a number of optional accolades to complete including discover the lost barn find notes, find Ramiro's pilot outfit, Ramiro's pilot helmet, Ramiro's flight recorder and discover Ramiro's rainy day fund.

Though initially given little clues as what to do, you can complete all five steps in a matter of minutes - and with not (too) much driving or searching.

Completing one of the side-objectives in this Expedition will also unlock a specific Barn Find location elsewhere to find.

Once you are finished with this story mission and have enough Accolades, learn how to complete the side-objectives in other Expeditions set in the Volcano and Tulum.

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How to find the lost notes, pilot outfit, flight recorder, rainy day fund and pilot helmet in Forza Horizon 5

All objectives require you to drive to drive through red crates within the airport area. You know which you need to find with the 'Horizon' logo on the side. You can see all their locations with the Horizon logos on the following map:

Forza Horizon 5 Jungle airport objectives map.

Specifically, you must:

  • Discover the Lost Barn Find notes: Out of all the crate locations, this one is the easiest. From where you start, simply drive forward into the hangar ahead of you and through the crate. (Completing this unlocks the Jaguar Sport XJR-15 Barn Find location - which is on the south side of the airstrip.)
  • Find Ramiro's Flight Recorder: Just off the south side of the main strip, just north of the centre, is a lopsided plane with a crate on the upper wing. Drive round the other side, up the lower wing and across the smash the crate.
  • Find Ramiro's Pilot Outfit: On the south side of the main strip, in the north-west, is a hangar with a crate on top of a shipping container. To smash it, go to the north opening of the hangar, where there is a small plane you can drive up. Head across the containers to the crate.
  • Find Ramiro's Pilot Helmet: On the south side of the main strip, to the south-east (overlapping with a barn find location) is a large hangar with the crate on top of several shipping containers Find the ramp further down the hangar, and motor your way from it and into the crate.
  • Discover Ramiro's Rainy Day Fund: On the north side of the airstrip, to the north-east, is a crate on a shipping container. Drive round the side of the hangar to find a ramp, which can lead you up onto the shipping containers. This one is tricky as it's easy to overshoot from the other side - we recommend going flat out onto the ramp, then braking just before you jump so you can brake again and stop when you land.

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With all five objectives done - and the optional barn find location found to the south - it's time to move on and complete the mission. Head down the main airstrip going south, and at the end, you'll find Rami's Car.

Interact with it using the button prompt to complete the second half of the adventure. Enjoy the drive back!