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Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels dragon atop Hammer Mountain location

Get some easy medals by driving to and from the dragon on Hammer Mountain.

The Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels DLC not only added more Hot Wheels cars to collect, but a whole to new area to explore, and challenges to complete.

A few of these challenges ask you to race between different locations within Hot Wheels Park, but unless you've already driven past a landmark, it won't appear on your map.

As some Main Missions in Forza Horizon 5 ask you to start or end here, we've detailed the dragon atop Hammer Mountain location for you below, along with some tips on how to easily clear the challenges associated with it.


Forza Horizon 5 dragon atop Hammer Mountain location

There are two animatronic dragons in the Hot Wheels Park: one in The Ice Cauldron area, inside Magma Canyon, and the other in the Giant's Canyon area, atop Hammer Mountain.

You can easily identify their locations by turning off everything in your 'Map Filter' and looking for a bright green symbol on your map.

More specifically, the dragon atop Hammer Mountain is located on the right-hand side of Giant's Canyon, near the middle. Giant's Canyon is the bottom-right section within Hot Wheels Park.

Go to the middle-right area in Giant's Canyon to find the dragon on Hammer Mountain.

Welcome to the festival! Check out our Hot Wheels car list, Hammer Mountain location, and how to complete the Park Tour challenge pages if you're enjoying the Hot Wheels DLC. If you're after new vehicles, we have barn find locations and a list of the best cars in Forza Horizon 5. If you're just starting, we can help with the early Apex, Wilds or Baja choice, with covers the Jungle, Volcano and Tulum, as well as how to change seasons.

Fast travel is free while exploring Hot Wheels Park, so you can hover over the dragon on Hammer Mountain and press 'X' on Xbox controllers to quickly get to its location, if that's where you have to start your Main Mission from.

If your mission asks you to finish at the dragon on Hammer Mountain instead, just set a route like normal with 'A' on Xbox controllers for the game to automatically plot a course for you.

Pinning a mission is a very handy feature included in the Hot Wheels DLC for tracking your challenge progress in detail. Go to the 'Hot Wheels Academy' sub-menu from the pause screen and select your rank, then select the Major or Minor Mission you want to pin to your HUD with 'A' on Xbox controllers.

You'll get a checklist with all the steps you must do to complete the mission, and if it involves travelling between two places within a time limit, you'll see a countdown there as well.

Lastly, when completing missions like the one asking you to go to the dragon atop Hammer Mountain, make sure you're in the correct class of car, as completing a challenge within the time limit means nothing unless you're doing it in the car class you've been told to.

If you've pinned a mission to your HUD, you'll see a tick if you're in the correct class of car.

Have fun in Hot Wheels Park!

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