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Fortnite's mysterious Cubes are on the move and making babies

The shape of things to come.

In the beginning, there was one Cube. One single, solitary purple Cube to rule them all. Fortnite fans nicknamed it Kevin, and then watched with interest as it rumbled round the game's old map before finally blowing up.

Three years later, Kevin is back, and this time it has brought some friends. Fortnite's latest live event introduced us to a whole Cube civilisation, some of which have since made Fortite's island their home.

Now, fans are working together to watch these new Cubes, as they move and reproduce in real-time.

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Firstly, there's the "friendly" blue coloured Cube, which fans have named "Blue Kevin" or "Blevin". This is the Cube players rebooted during the live event and which seemingly is now on our side. It is chilling out, hiding in some trees near the map's Cape Cod, and gives you shield if you bounce on him. Blevin seems pretty happy where it is, and has not moved yet.

Then there are the big purple Cubes, which can be found at most of the island's UFO crash sites, slowly stomping around. There are six in total, and each seems to move every couple of days. If you stand underneath one as it moves, you and your squad will get squashed.

Finally, there's the golden or "Queen" Cube, which seems to be the purple Cubes' leader. The golden Queen is moving much faster, about once every hour, and has already visited its first purple Cube. Here's a handy map of their movements so far:

Upon reaching its first purple Cube, fans watched as the Queen suddenly "activated", levitating in mid-air and shooting energy into its purple friend. Any player who touched this purple energy beam was instantly eliminated.

22 hours later, the golden Cube powered down and rumbled off - leaving the purple Cube behind to give birth to a family of cute baby Cubes. Yes, I'm pretty sure we all just watched Cubes having sex.

Six baby Cubes have now been popped into existence, while the golden Queen seemingly rumbles on to "activate" the next Kevin and begin the process anew.

What will happen next? Of course, dataminers have peered inside the game's files for clues, and found each Cube's path mapped out for the next few weeks.

After a visit from Queen, each family of purple Cubes look set to rumble towards the centre of the map for a big reunion... And after that? Only Kevin knows.

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