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Fortnite's giant UFO now hosts a low-gravity loot dungeon

Beam with joy.

Since the start of its new season, Fortnite's island has lain in the shadow of a giant UFO mothership. Today, you can beam aboard and explore.

Get beamed up and you'll find yourself in a mini dungeon filled with locations from the past to hop around in low-gravity. (I am delighted to see the return of the much-missed Butter Barn, home of Fortnite's brilliant pancake song.)

With 90 seconds on the clock, the aim of the game is to collect alien orbs which boost the amount of loot you'll get upon leaving. You can also extend your time in the mothership by picking up timer orbs.

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After your time is up, you'll get a brief visit to a treasure room where you can raid chests for rewards appropriate to your orb total. Then it's back to the island and the battle royale match in progress.

Fortnite's 17.10 update dropped this morning, and also brings with it the game's annual summer event. Cosmic Summer challenges are live now, with various free cosmetics on offer (there's a drivable ice cream van you can earn as an emote). Datamining has also revealed summer swimsuit variants of numerous previous battle pass favourites are headed to the item shop, such as Midas, Jules and Brutus.

Looking to the future, further datamining suggests one of Fortnite's major areas will fall foul to the mothership over the next few weeks - though right now there's a bug where several places are simply not loading (maybe this is the aliens too).

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