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Fortnite's pancake song is an absolute banger

Batter sweet symphony.

Fortnite has served up a syrupy earworm celebrating its fictional Butter Barn pancake restaurant, and it crepes on anything else you'll hear today.

The Wild West-themed Butter Barn restaurant appeared on Fortnite's map at the start of its current season. It's where you'll find battle pass character Mancake, the chain's mascot/head chef/sole patron who the game describes as "a flapjack forged on a griddle of rage".

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Visit the Butter Barn and you'll hear a few bars of its theme song played as a jingle. I've dropped in there a few times just to hear it since, in Fortnite, you never know when things are going to disappear.

Now, one week from the season's end, Fortnite has released a full-length version of the jingle with verses and other lyrics. It's a toe-tapping mix of country guitars and bizarre Fortnite references, and it's going down well with fans. Named as the Butter Barn Hoedown, the track launched on Fortnite's item shop last night priced 200 V-Bucks (about £1.20), and got uploaded to Epic's official YouTube account at the same time.

Here's one particularly good fan-made music video:

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 will wrap up next week and immediately roll into Season 6... about which, for a change, little has (yet) leaked.

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