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Fortnite's delayed cars update finally fuels up tomorrow

Oil see you then.

This Fortnite season has been about two things: flood waters, and cars. Now, finally, with the map as dried out as it'll get and its new Atlantis-esque area revealed, it's time for those vehicles.

Fortnite doesn't usually name its updates, but has termed tomorrow's as "Fortnite Joyride". The introduction of drivable cars and trucks certainly feels big enough to warrant a title.

The game has had plenty of vehicles in the past, of course - hoverboards, golf karts, planes, helicopters - but has shied away from letting you get behind the wheel of the more realistic-looking cars which have sat stationary on its map.

We're expecting four vehicle types to show up tomorrow, including the Prevalent, the Whiplash (is that a camaro?), the OG Bear truck and the Mudflap big rig.

There won't be any police cars.

There's a brief clip of the vehicles in action around the 40 seconds mark below:

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